Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guide to Happy A Living: Be a Giver Of Love, Joy And Respect

Tips To Live A Happy And Rewarding Life

Tips To Live A Happy And Rewarding Life

What is this life for?

  • What is life for?
  • To fret and worry,
  • To cry or to shout,
  • To get angry and lose your temper,
  • To make the other person
  • Feel sorry or bitter
  • By your words,deeds and actions.
  • To walk in pride,
  • To fall for flattery,
  • To tell lies to the maximum,
  • To covet other's property,
  • To fall in love with every
  • And each opposite sex,
  • To care for no one,
  • Even your own parents,
  • And kith and kin.
  • To live for yourself only,
  • To care only for money,
  • And nothing else,
  • To live in anyway you like.