Monday, September 24, 2012

Hindi is easy

Wo gaatha hai he sings avan paadugiraan
Wo gaathee hai she sings aval padugiraal.
Myn wahan  roaj jaathaa hoon. I go there  every day/daily
Naan angeh daily poren.
Thum roaj kahan jaathey ho? where do you go every day?
Kown roaj wahan jaathaa hai? who goes there daily?
Thum roaj kya karthe ho? what do you do daily? daily nee enna panreh?
wo cinema dekhtha hai. he watches/sees the movie.
avan cinema parkiraan.
Wo kya dekhtha hai? What does he see/watch? avan edhai parkiraan?
Kown cinema dekhtha hai? Who sees the cinema? yaar cinema parkiraan?
wo kya karthaa hai? what does he do? avan enna seigiraan?
he lives in that house. wo wus ghar maen rahthaa hai. avan andha veetleh vasikkiraan
Wo kahan rahtha hai? Where does he live? avan engeh vasikkiraan?
Kown wus ghar mey rahtha hai? who lives in that house?
andha veetleh yaar vasikkiraanga/
Kya wo wus ghar mayn rahthaa hai? Does he live in that house? Avan andha veetleh vasikkiraana?
Myn Gopal kaa bhai hoon. I am Gopal's brother.naan gopalloda annan/thambi/ sahodharan.
Aap kown ho? who are you? neenga yaaru?
thum kown ho? who are you? nee yaaru?
thoo kown hai? who are you? nee yaaru?
Kya thum Gopal kaa bahi ho? Are you Gopal's brother?
Nee gopalloda annana? thambiyaa? sahodharana?
Gopal kaa bhai kown hai? who is Gopal's brother?
yaar Gopalloda sahodharan?
bada big periya moothavan  annan
chota small siriya  ilaiyavan thambhi
Krishna ghar mayn hai. Krishna is in the house. Krishna veetleh irukkaan.
Krishnaa Kidher/kahan hai? where is Krishna? Krishnaa engeh irukkaan?
Ghar mayn kown hai? who is in the house? yaar veetleh irukkaan?
Kya Krishna ghar mayn hai? is krishna at home? krishnaa
veetleh irukkaana?

Hindi is easy for you

Myn aathaa hoon  naan varugiren
Hum aathey hein naanga varugirome.
thoo aatha hai. nee varugirai thoo aathee hai(F)
thum aathey ho  nee vaurgirai thum aathee ho(F)
wo .wo. wo aathaa /aatheee hai  avan varugiraan, aval varugiral adhu varugiradhu.
way aathey hein avargal varugirrargal
avaigal varuginrana.
yea this wo that yeh sub all these wo sub all those,
myn ladka shyam hoon I am the boy Shyam
Myn ladkee Radha hoon, I am the girl Radha.
thoo ek ladka hai you are a boy.
thoo ek ladkee hai. you are a girl.
aap ek master/adhyapak hein, you are the master./teacher.
wo ek ladka hai, he is a boy, wo ek ladki hai she is a girl.
wo ek kuththa hai it is a dog, wo ek kuththee hai it is a bitch
way gaayeh hein. they are cows.
yeh pade hein. these are trees.
hum ladkiyaan hein we are girls, hum ladke hein, we are boys.
Myn roaj(daily) school jaatha/jathee hoon. I go school everyday/daily.
myn ghaana sunthaa hoon/sunthee hoon. I hear/listen to the song.
thum hameshs suh bolo. you speak always the truth
Joot muth bolo. Don't tell lies.
yahan aawo come here. wahan muth jaawo don't go there
jaldi(quickly, urgently, soon, at once,) karo  do it quickly. do it at once. Yak pyala  dhoodh laawo, pyaala cup dhoodh milk
bring one cup of milk.aap aayyeeyeh you sir come. yahan byteeyeh please sit here. yeh kaam keejiyeh do this work.
coffee muth peejiyeh. Dpn't drink coffee.
achcha good  achcha ladka good boy  achchee  ladkigood  girl/bada bhai elder brother  chota bhai younger brother
badi bahen elder sister, choti bahen younger sister,garam dhoodh hot milk tanda paani cold water.

hindi is easy

sunnaa to hear, dekhna to see   jaana to go, karna to do, khaana to eat, peena to drink, laana to bring   rakhna to keep rahnaa to live,To reside, to stay, khelna to play, sona to sleep,bolna to speak, dowdnaa to run, dhena to give, seekhna to learn, taharna to stay ,to wait, banana to prepare, to make,bechna to sell bejnaa to send
kharidthna to buy, yaadh karna to remember,likhna to write,bulaana to call,pasand karna  to like, chahnaa to wish to want,pyaar karna to love, to like,barasna to rain,udna to fly utna to sit kada hona to stand, late jaana to lie down, rawaana hona to depart pahunchnaa to arrive, nikalnaa to leave, to depart, to take out,jaagna to wake up
jaanna to know, maloom hona to understand,guntee bajana to ring the bell, bahnaa to flow,sakhna can, to be able.
pahanna to wear, to put on,soar machana to shout, sawaal karna to question, ask poochna to ask jawaab dhena to reply, to answer,
dhona to wash,chalna to move, vaapus aana to return, to come back,jagadna to fight, to quarrel, nahnaa to take bathm chamakna to twinkle, milna to meet, milna to be available,sochna to think,
chadna to climb,bhool jaana to forget,saasun karna to rule jeethnaa to win, haarna to lose,ladna to fight,snaan karna to take bath,naaraaz hona to get angry, shaanth hona to become peaceful, calm,baagh jaana to run away,maarna to beat, marna to die jeenaa to live,thairnaa to swim, tahalna to take a walk,
Myn jaathaa hoon. I go. 
  Hum jaathey hein. we go
thoo jaahtha hai. you go  thoo jaathee hai
 thum jaathe ho you go.  thum jaathee ho.
Aap jaatheh hein. you go (plural) you go( respect)

wo jaathaaa hai. he goes.
 wo jaathee hai. she goes
Wo kuththa jaathaa hai. the dog goes.
 way jaathey hein. they go. 
myn hoon I am
 hum hein we are,
 thoo hai you are
 thum ho  you are,
 aap hein you are
 wo hai he is wo hai she is wo hai it is
 way hein they are.
jaanaa to go . aanaa to come, peena to drink, hasna to laugh
rona to weep or cry, padna to read seekna to learn ghanaa to sing
khaana to eat,
try to do these by yourself following the above example.

Hindi is easy 2

Myn Raam hoon. I am Raam. Myn Seetha hoon. I am Sita.
Myn ek ladka hoon. I am a boy Myn ek ladki hoon. I am a girl.
Hum ladke hein.  we are boys. Hum ladkiyaan hein. we are girls.
Thoo Raghu ek ladka hai. you Raghu you are a boy.
Thoo Uma ek ladki hai. you Uma you are a girl
Thum Raghu ek ladka ho. You Raghu you are a boy.
Thum uma ek ladki ho. You Uma you are a girl.
Aap Raam hein.. You are Raam.
Aap ek Raaja hein. You are a king.
Aap Sita hein. You are Sita
Aap ek Raani hein. You are a queen.
Aap sub idher aayeeyeh. All of you come here.
Wo ek ladka hai. he is a boy Wo ek ladki hai. she is a girl
Wo ek kuththa hai. it is a dog. Way ladke hein. they are boys.
way ladkiyaan hein. they are girls. 
Way kitabheh hein. they are books.
Myn I  hum we. hoon am hein are thoo.thum you, aap plural and with respect wo/wo/wo he she it   way they.

Hindi is easy

Taj mahal kahan hai?
 where is Taj Mahal?
kya thum thairnaa jaanthe ho?
Do you know swimming?
Is kithaab ka dhaam kithneh rupyeh hein?
How  many rupees for this book?
What is the price of this book?
Thumhare Bhai kithneh bajeh  dafthar jaathey hein?
When does  your brother go to office?  does-go   = goes
wahan kown  aadmi jaa raha hai?
which man is going there?
App liske bareh meyn pooch rahen hein?
About whom are you enquiring?
thumhari bahen kub vapas ayehghi?
When will sister come back? or return?
way loak apus  meyn kyoon jagadthe hein?
Why those people are fighting among themselves?
uska doshth kaisa aadmi hai?
how is his friend?
myn akeleh yeh kaam kaiseh kar saktha hoon?
How can I do this work alone?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hindi English

  • laal red/hara green/ phal fruit/such truth/udher wahan there
  • idher yahan here/kahaan kidher where/paat lesson/ khat letter.patra letter/ saaf cleam/ sadha always/ hum we/myn hum we/thoo you/thum you/ aap you/ wo/wo/wo he she it/
  • way they. khaanaa food/ bada big/ pur on/dhaam/bhaav price
  • paas near/ saheb sir/ thuk till/ hamara our/ours thumhara you.yours.mera my mine/aapka your yours/ uska his/uski hers/ unka theirs/
  • khaas special/ baar time/ kub when/ abb now/ thub then/jub when
  • owr and/ sub all/ jungul forest.jungle/ jaanwer animal/muth don't /baaluk boy/ Ganga Ganges/ latha creeper/
  • Dhaya pity/durr fear/ chhawal rice/ dhal pulse/baath rice
  • aataa flour/ maans mutton/ achaar pickle/ namak salt/
  • ananaas pine apple/ bundher monkey/ ghadha donkey/ass
  • bathuk duck/ aadha half/ chaar four/ chah six/ saath seven
  • aat eight/dhus ten/pachhaas fifty/saat sixty/ hajaar one thousand
  • laakh one lac/ one lakh/ patha leaf/ address/ pahla first
  • doosra second/ theesra third/ pad  read/ naak nose/
  • kaan ear/ kamar waist/ haath hand/ baal hair/ dhanwaan rich man/ wajan weight/ bada  big/ kum little/ kaala black.

Hindi English

  • Abb  now/ aaj  today  /  kal today,tomorrow/bur full
  • kub when/yeh this/naam name/aap   you/ ghar house/
  • raath night/ saath seven and alongwith/baath word/
  • gayyi cow/ aaayi income/ aaam mango/kaam work/
  • yeak one/ chayyi tea/ jayi victory/kapda cloth/ ladka boy/
  • pathla thin/kamra room/ samay time/wakth time/laayak fit
  • inaam thing/ sapna dream/ namak salt/
  • kalam pen/aahaar food/ kaarun reason/ cause/kaaguz paper
  • Thaalaab pond,tank/ thalwar sword/ lugbug nearly/
  • pachpun 55/ jalpaan breakfast/ akhbaar newpaper/
  • sahaayak helper/ saam evening/ hawa wind,air/ baadhal cloud
  • haftha week/ mangal waar tuesday/uper above on/ bahar out,outside
  • makaan house/mahal palace/ dharwaja door/ bhaag garden/
  • barthun vessel/ cup cup/ aag fire/ aangun courtyard/ mathaa mother
  • baap father/ naanaa maternal grand father/ mother's father/
  • Dhaadha  paternal father  father's father/
  • maamaa uncle/ ladka boy/ anand happiness/ aaawaaz voice/sound
  • mun mind/

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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