Friday, August 10, 2012

Devansh-for you

  1. What happens when the air heated?
  2. Why the cold air sink down?
  3. How does air circulation take place?
  4. How is our atmosphere divided into?
  5. What are the 5 layers starting from the earth's surface?
  6. Explain the Troposphere.
  7. What is its average height?
  8. What do we breathe and where is it?
  9. Which are the weather phenomena occur in this layer?

Devansh -for you

  1. Which is the second  most plentiful gas in the air?
  2. How do the living beings take  oxygen?
  3. How do green plants produce oxygen?
  4. How does the oxygen content remain constant in the air?
  5. Why must we not destroy the trees?
  6. Why is carbon-di -oxide an important gas?
  7. Who releases this gas?
  8. How  a perfect balance is obtained?
  9. What  makes this balance upset?
  10. What adds billions of tons of this gas?
  11. What happens because of this imbalance?

Devansh-for you

  1. Is air a mixture of many gases?
  2. Which two gases make the bulk of the atmosphere?
  3. Which gases are found in lesser quantities?
  4. What are also present in the air?
  5. Can you draw a picture showing the constituents of air? draw and explain.
  6. What do we do with the nitrogen?
  7. Why nitrogen is necessary for the plants?
  8. Can they take it like the human beings?
  9. Which is the friend and well-wisher of the plants? How does it help?
  10. What lives in the soil and the roots of some plants?

Devans= this is for you lesson 4

  • What creates a green house effect? and How?
  • Which is called the green house gas?
  • What will happen if there is no green house gas?
  • Why does it level in the atmosphere increase?
  • What is called Global warming?
  • What happens when there is a rise in  temperature?
  • What causes floods in the coastal areas?
  • What is atmosphere?
  • What is the importance of the atmosphere for all living beings?
  • Which is the mass of air making the temperature on earth as livable?

DevDisha -social science

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What are we doing for the floods?

  1. What are we doing for safeguarding our own brethren who die and suffer because of floods?
  2. What's the use of giving an aerial Inspection how the floods have affected the particular area?
  3. why no preventive measures taken in advance to help the helpless people of our nation?
  4. Can you get back even one life?
  6. Will you do the same thing if you  or your son or daughter or wife is affected?
  7. Will you still give an aerial inspection 
  8. and offer and take money as compensation for their lives?
  10. Have those affected people not given their votes in your getting elected as their leader/s?
  11.  What are you giving them in return?
  13. God bless all our leaders,officials who care ,more for the lives of their brethren
  14. who lose their everything including their lives.
  15. Let them do something really worthwhile
  16.  and sensible  to help the poor people.
  17. Instead of offering words of condolence and offering consoling words.
  18. Will they get back their  lives or losses?
  20. Think and do something really great and
  21. Save these people from distress.

Railway accidents 1990/2012

Train Accidents.

  • Why do these accidents happen? 
  • What  is the root cause?
  • Why are we only willing and ready to give Compensation in Rupees?
  • Can the Rupees get back/replace the lives of those who lost?
  • What is the job  of all Railway officials and staff and the responsibility of the Railway Minister?
  • Knowing the problems in  the maintenance, why do the  repeat the same mistake again and again?
  • Is it due to gross negligence or the inefficiency or  the wrong personnel attending the job?
  • Or does the railway have to show a statistics of how many accidents happen and how many people or passengers got free cremation?
  • Or is this one  more way   for the reduction or decrease in population growth?
  • in 1982-Man galore-New Delhi sent to heaven 59 people.
  • In 1987-Mancherial - 53 people

  • 1990- Gollaguda-35 people
  • 1990-Cheriapalli - 40 people
  • 1994- Narayanadri Express- 35 people
  • 1998-Bottlapalam-25 people
  • 2003-Golconda express-18 people
  • 2005-Valigonda- 80 people.
  • 2008-Gajutami express-30 people
  • 2012- Hampi express- 14 people
  • 2012. Tamil Nadu express- 28 people.
  • 1982/5 years/1987/3 years/1990/1/1990/4 years/1998/5 years/2003/2 years/2005/3 years/2008/ 4 years/2012/2 months/2012
  • (ref: Deccan Chronicle Tuesday 31 July 2012.)
  • Solution.: Get all the old and worn out passenger cars on the rails,Make the whole train to fall in parts Right  from the starting point  till the destination.
  • The president, Prime Minister and other dignitaries  can offer CONDOLENCES
  • Offering the maximum assistance to the railway staff and all the officials to do
  • their maximum to help the people to leave to the permanent safety.
  • When will the Railway Minister  and all other concerned officials and staff
  • Do a job by answering their conscience?
  • Will they all perform such haphazard work,
  •  If their own kith and kin,wives and their children travel in any train which they attend in this careless manner?
  • Will the Railway Minister and other ministers  travel in such not well=maintained
  • passenger cars?