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Hearty Welcome to web developers/designers, and graphic designers.

Hearty welcome to all.

Join this consortium and do your best to guide the other budding youngsters who wish to prosper.

You can become a member of this consortium with a one time fee. of Rs.1570/-

.Any business coming in ,any student willing to learn has to become a member with Rs.760/- .

The course fees is to be decided by the member of the WGC.negotiable.

No commission to be paid or any fees will come to WGC.

If you are inclined to proceed further please

Blessings and best wishes for a bright future.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Hollywood Sci Fi Adventure Movies

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Dental Guide


Oh!How nice you look!

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.

Saturday, June 23, 2018



 Language comes by listening more and more.

You have to like the language first, You must love it, you have to live with it.Like,Love and Live.

Language comes by Observing. listening and learning.

Read,listen,understand,Analyse, revise and review

When reading even a small paragraph underline those words new to you.

Refer the dictionary and find where is the word.

Use only English to English dictionary.

Learn the word nicely

.First the word, then the spelling and then the syllable,pronunciation, meaning using this word in your day to day writing and speaking.

This way you will be a master of English someday. you can join RGEnglish for Rs 247/per month

.If interested contact

Hearty blessings and best wishes,.

Easy English Grammar

  1. What are nouns? Nouns are the names of persons,places,things ,animals and quality.
  2. How many kinds of nouns do you know?
  3. proper nouns,common  nouns, countable nouns ,uncountable nouns abstract nouns, concrete nouns ,
  4. collective nouns:herd,school, gang, flock.
  5. ,Abstract nouns are emotions, mental states or ideas.ideas,lies,troubles,humour,love,kindness, darkness,
  6. Concrete nouns are material things that can be touched or seen.pen.building, man,dog,book.milk,gold.
  7. .His friend was  symbol of good friendship
  8. .His enmity grew strong against his enemy
  9. , Abraham Lincoln did not like anyone having a slave and so he abolished slavery..
  10. . He was so honest ,he returned the purse,so He  got a reward for his honesty.
  11. ,vacation,weather,happy, pain,beauty,hunger, time, love -what kind of nouns are these?
  12. beach,rain,shoulder,cathedral,people, food, watch, -what kind of nouns are these?
  13. Race-racism,hate-hatred,patient-patience, friend-friendship, brother-brotherhood,long-length, honest-honesty, pure-purity.common nouns used in plural; clothes,spectacles,scissors,jeans,trousers,
  14. gold, information,

Hindi for Deepak and Divya


  1. Edit"Divya/Deepak Hindi lesssons."

phal null hull,ghar,bus,hum,tub,chath,rath,khath, oon, mug,jal, durr, muth, oot,kar, nut, per, rakh,chukk, dhan, yake,chal, russ,bhar, uss, iss,ghar chal, go home, chath per chad climb on the roof, durr muth.don’t be afraid, utt kar aam chuck,stand and suck the mango, khath pudd read the letter, iss per mug rakh keep the mug on this.kamal,jagafd, sahar, kalam, garam, tahar, tapak, magar, tahal, mahal, saral,namak,nahar, phalak, jhapat,ooper, nakal, kamar, matar, nagar,agar magar muth kar don’t say/do if and but,sahar chal go to the town, matar ghar per rakh keep the peas in the house(on) naram garam matar chuck suck the hot and tender peas.kalam pakad hold the pen. Catch the pen. nakal muth kar.Don’t imitate/or copy. tahar wait jagad mtuh.don’t fight.

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Haathee elephant aayaa came oonchaa tall.motaa large,big, haathee elephant aayaa came.papanay father usko him bulwaya called,Papa called him,phankay jaisay like fan kaan ears hilaathaa shakes, moves ears like fans, rah rah apni his soond trunk, utaathaa.lift sometimes he raises his  trunk.aagay peechay front and back khoob very matkatha moves. he moves back and forth.khambay jaisay like pillars pyre legs. patkatha.he moves his legs back and forth,poonch tail hilaakarshakes aathaa  jaathaa coming and going he shakes his tail,lambeh long dhanthiko his teeth chumkaathaa, shining,he has his shining tusks,jub when kahthee hai says /tells gudiya raneeWhen darling Raanee tells. soond trunk utakar lifts dhethaa gives salaamee good morninghowdeh on his back who he hameh us bitaathaa makes us sit, hum subko for us all woh he roaj daily gumaathha gives a ride, khoob toomuch majeh kee happy funny, syr ride karathaa makes does.

Elephant came (poem)

Tall and large elephant came,daddy/papa called him,he shook his ears like fans,now and then lifted his trunk. He moved front and back,moving his pillar like legs.He comes and goes shaking his tail.He shows his shining tusks. When darling Raani calls him he lifts his trunk and gives a good morning salute. He makes us sit on his back,he roams with us, he gives a very happy ride on his back.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

compendium of Rao's selections

The real reason American health care is so expensive

Mutual Aid and Help

  • What is Mutual Aid?
  • The Have s can help the have not s to lead a comfortable life.
  • If you forego one meal,it can fill at least half the belly full for the hungry poor people.
  • Contribute what you can,without losing your present comfortable living,
  • You can forsake some comforts a little.How?
  • If you go in a car , you put petrol tank full.
  • But what can you do? You need not take the car to go to the nearest market to buy bread and butter.
  • You can walk the distance.Can't you?
  • Are you going to buy the whole diary? No.You are going to buy one or two breads and one kg. butter and one tin jam.
  • You can carry that home easily.Save the petrol,save the wear and tear of the tyres and also get a good walking exercise.
  • Money thus saved can be given to the needy children to buy books and stationery or a packet of MILK biscuits.
  • We are all interdependent and not independent.
  • If you help the society to come up you will also have a nice time.
  • That's where Mutual aid comes.
  • If you scratch someone's back,a time will come some one else will scratch your back sometime when you need.
  • Life is for living,smiling,laughing and enjoying.
  • Blessings and best wishes to all to help each one mutually and aid and help.