Sunday, October 27, 2013

I am 80 plus

I am over 80

  • They call me a senior citizen.
  • My energy level is only 3.
  • My mobility is not that good.
  • For every single thing
  • I have to depend on others.
  • I get pains,I have small
  • Problems, I have to bear.
  • I must not lose temper,
  • Because of my pain 
  • And inability and inconvenience.
  • This is all part of the game.
  • I must cultivate tact
  • And diplomacy and start
  • Showing more love and
  • Affection to one and all.
  •  I must TRY to be happy all the time,
  • See those shows  in T.V.which are
  • Very positive in nature,
  • I will have  more peace.
  •  I Listen to those songs which
  •  bring in pleasant
  • Memories.
  •  I Listen to Religious courses
  • And the stories from
  • Ramayana and Bhagawatha.
  • I listen to Arthies and abangs
  • And classical Hindi and carnatic
  • songs which keep me engaged.
  • I am happy as I am,
  • I can make others happy too.