Friday, December 5, 2014

Try try Robert Bruce

  • Who was Robert Bruce? He was the king of Scotland.
  • What happened to him?His enemy attacked him and seized the throne.
  • What did he do? He ran away from his country and went to the forest.
  • Where did he hide himself? in a cave.
  • What happened there? A spider was building its web.
  • It fell down more than 18 times.
  • Was the spider able to build its cob-web at last? yes.
  • What made Robert Bruce to think?The spider's trials and attempts and success.
  • What did he do then? He collected all his sincere friends and a large army.
  • Did he succeed? yes .
  • Did he get back his throne? yes
  • What did he become again?The victorious king.
  • So try,try,try again ,again and again till you GAIN."
  • good behaviour

    Treat everyone nicely.

  • Once there was a nice elephant in a town.
  • It used to pass by a tailor's shop.
  • The tailor was very happy in giving the elephant a banana and the elephant was also happy in receiving it.
  • One day the tailor had no banana.He played a trick and pricked the trunk of the elephant with a needle.
  • The elephant felt the pain and was sad.
  • It wanted to take a revenge on him.
  • When he returned from the river,after his usual bath,brought with him  in his trunk ,the dirty water.
  • He splashed the dirty water on the tailor and on all the clothes.
  • The tailor was then very unhappy.
  • He learnt the lesson" Do as you would be done by."
  • "Never ever play dirty tricks on any one even for play's sake."
  • Thursday, December 4, 2014

    who is stronger????

    1. A dispute and a quarrel began between the Sun and the Wind.
    2. The Sun told he was stronger.
    3. The Wind told he was stronger.
    4. They wanted to test that.
    5. A traveler  with  cloak was walking on the road.
    6. The wind blew very hard .He caught his cloak very tightly and went on walking.
    7. Sometime later, the Sun started shining bright and it was very warm and the man removed his cloak and walked.
    8. So they decided that The Sun  is stronger than the wind.
    9. Man needs both of them.Each one  is important in its own way.
    10. He told the Sun and the Wind ,you too are important for us.
    11. "Why do you try to show off yourself? "
    12. Both the Sun and the wind were happy to hear that.

    The one less

    1. Twelve boys left their village for a fair in the next village.
    2. They had to cross a small river.
    3. They all crossed.
    4. They started counting whether everyone crossed the river safely.
    5. But every one left counting himself.
    6. So they were always one less of twelve.
    7. They started crying about the missing person.
    8. A passer by saw them crying.
    9. He asked them what was the matter.
    10. They told that there were twelve of them.among them and one was missing.
    11. The man told them to sit in a row and he would give one hard beating with a stick and that person who got the beat must shout the number.
    12. Likewise ,all sat in a row and the man started beating one by one very hard and each one was telling the number as 1,2,3 etc.
    13. They were all very happy when the 12th person told number 12.
    14. They all thanked the person for bringing the 12th one alive.

    Know who's your friend

  • What did the two friends do one day?They passed through the forest.
  • What did they see in a distance?  a bear.
  • What did one of them do? He  at once climbed the tree nearby.
  • What did the other one do? He lied down motionless,holding his breath.
  • The bear thought that he was dead and went on its way.
  • His friend came down from the tree.
  • He asked his other friend what did the bear say to him.
  • The person on the ground stood up and told " The bear told not to believe and trust  one who leaves in distress."

    Treat everyone nicely.

  • Once there was a nice elephant in a town.
  • It used to pass by a tailor's shop.
  • The tailor was very happy in giving the elephant a banana and the elephant was also happy in receiving it.
  • One day the tailor had no banana.He played a trick and pricked the trunk of the elephant with a needle.
  • The elephant felt the pain and was sad.
  • It wanted to take a revenge on him.
  • When he returned from the river,after his usual bath,brought with him  in his trunk ,the dirty water.
  • He splashed the dirty water on the tailor and on all the clothes.
  • The tailor was then very unhappy.
  • He learnt the lesson" Do as you would be done by."
  • "Never ever play dirty tricks on any one even for play's sake."

    Robert Bruce

    1. Who was Robert Bruce? He was the king of Scotland.
    2. What happened to him?His enemy attacked him and seized the throne.
    3. What did he do? He ran away from his country and went to the forest.
    4. Where did he hide himself? in a cave.
    5. What happened there? A spider was building its web.
    6. It fell down more than 18 times.
    7. Was the spider able to build its cob-web at last? yes.
    8. What made Robert Bruce to think?The spider's trials and attempts and success.
    9. What did he do then? He collected all his sincere friends and a large army.
    10. Did he succeed? yes .
    11. Did he get back his throne? yes
    12. What did he become again?The victorious king.
    13. So try,try,try again ,again and again till you GAIN."

    100 lashes

    1. There was one greedy door keeper.
    2. He used to allow everyone into the palace,
    3. He wanted them to give him half of what they received from the king.
    4. Every one agreed and gave him.
    5. A clever and wise man wanted to teach him a lesson.
    6. He also went to the palace.
    7. The king gave him 100 gold coins.
    8. The wise man asked the king to give him 100 lashes instead.
    9. The king told the minister to give him what he wanted.
    10. When the 50 lashes were given, the wise man asked them to stop.
    11. Then they called the door -keeper and gave him 50 lashes.
    12. They came to know his insincerity.
    13. They sent him away and they gave the wise man 150 gold coins.
    14. Know now "" Insincerity does not always bring rewards."

    The wise ant & lazy grass-hopper

    1. These two were good friends.
    2. The grass-hopper was enjoying the summer singing and dancing making merry.
    3. The ant worked very hard and little by little he collected his food and stored it.
    4. Even though he advised the grass-hopper ,it was in vain.
    5. Winter set in.The ground was full of snow.
    6. The grass-hopper was very hungry.
    7. It asked the ant to give him some food.
    8. Ant gave a little and he told him what mistake did he do.
    9. It told the G.H. "work while you work and play while you play."
    10. And also told the proverb" Make hay while the sun shines."

    Help Yourself in 12 lines

    1. Who lived in a village? a farmer
    2. Where did he go one day with  his cart and why?
    3. He went to the nearest town to sell his  grains.
    4. What happened on the way? His cart got stuck in the mud.
    5. Were the oxen able to pull out the cart? no
    6. Did the passers by help him? No.
    7. Who passed by that side? Hercules
    8. What did he tell the farmer? to get down and give a shoulder to the wheel.
    9. Did the farmer do that? yes.He did.
    10. Then what happened? the cart moved.
    11. What did the farmer do?He thanked Hercules.
    12. What did Hercules tell the farmer?"God helps those who help themselves".

    Thakshiny this is for you

    1. Parts of our body.

    2. We have only one head,
    3. One tongue,one nose,
    4. One back ,
    5. One chest,
    6. One fore-head,
    7. Ohly one neck 
    8. And one heart.
    9. And we have two eyes,
    10. Two ears, two hands
    11. And two legs.

    songs for Pammu

    Saturday, August 9, 2014

    Know these sentences

    1. She likes adventures. She likes to be adventurous.
    2. The President gave a speech on our culture preservation.
    3. The president spoke on preserving our culture.
    4. Have courage to stand up for the truth.
    5. Be courageous  to stand up for the truth.
    6. The boy was very sorrow when his pet dog died.
    7. The boy was very sad on the death of his pet dog.
    8. The boy felt very sad when his pet dog died.
    9. Working mothers have difficulty to reach their offices in time.
    10. Working mothers find it difficult to reach their offices in time.
    11. It becomes a necessity  to take tuition  if you don't pay attention in the class.
    12. It is necessary to take tuition only if don't pay attention in your class.
    13. The leader was received with warmth wherever he went.
    14. The leader was received warmly wherever he went.
    15. The teenager who saved a drowning child received everyone's appreciation.
    16. The teenager who saved the child was appreciated  by every one.
    17. I pocketed my key only after I locked the house.
    18. Only after I locked the house,did I pocket my key.
    19. He refused  bluntly.
    20. He made a blunt refusal.
    21. Refuse-refusal, pocket- pocketed,appreciate-appreciation,Warmly-warmth,Necessary-necessity,difficult-difficulty, sorrow- sad, courage-courageous,preserve-preservation, speech- speak,spoke,adventure- adventurous
    22. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    23. Question tags'
    24. There are enough fruits for all of us.Aren't there?
    25. I'm not late. Am I?
    26. She should see a doctor if she is ill.Shouldn't she?
    27. You know this.Don't you?
    28. These lessons are interesting.Aren't they?
    29. Swarna can't run fast. Can she?
    30. Shrini draws nice figures. Doesn't she?
    31. It has been raining incessantly. Isn't it?
    32. Many do not know him.Don't we?
    33. We get uninterrupted power supply these days, Don't we?
    34. The bus is early today. Isn't it?
    35. There is enough water in the tank. Isn't  there?
    36. You must treat everyone with respect. Mustn't you?
    37. You should do regular exercise daily.Shouldn't you?
    38. I have answered all your questions.Haven't I?
    39. Our national flag has three main colours. Hasn't it?Doesn't it?
    40. Our team will surely win the match.Won't they?
    41. All the conductors in Coimbatore will give you change easily.Won't they?
    42. I shall not carry your bags. Should I? Shall I?
    43. You must keep your house, street,environment clean. Mustn't you?
    44. This bus is early today. isn't it?
    45. This lesson is easy. Isn't it?
    46. You can really study well.Can't you?
    47. The bell has rung. Hasn't it?
    48. The Sun sets in the west. Doesn't it?
    49. People should be kind and graceful in their dealings. Shouldn't they?
    50. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    51. Learn these too: usage of to in the sentences.
    52. The crowd excitedly watched  Spain  take the final goal to win the cup.
    53. Our teacher wanted us to submit our answer papers.
    54. We have been taught to keep our classroom neat and tidy.
    55. A kind and inspiring teacher always make us learn better.
    56. I am forced to close the windows because I want to sleep well.
    57. I am forced to use the two pillows because I want to sleep peacefully.
    58. Usage of too.:
    59. He is too old and he cannot run fast.
    60. Kiran is too ill to go to work.
    61. The lid of the bottle is too tight to open.
    62. You can keep the lid between the door hinges and turn it.You can easily open.
    63. Mary is too tired to finish her work.
    64. It is too difficult  for him to solve that problem.
    65. This street is too narrow for  entering  the vehicles.
    66. It is too narrow for the vehicles to enter this street.
    67. The time is too short to learn Spanish in a  week.


    1. A-bout
    2. In-side
    3.  Peo-ple
    4. Mu-sic
    5. Gui-tar-ist.
    6. Pri-so-ners
    7. Sur-vi-val
    8. In-ter-nal.
    9. In-ter-na-tion-al
    10. Pro-per-ly
    11. Per-ma-nent.
    12. Ob-ser-va-ble
    13. As-tro-no-my
    14. En-ter-tain-ment.
    15. Ar-ti-cu-late
    16. Bare-ly
    17. Fa-na-tic
    18. Phil-har-mo-nic
    19. Ex-tra-va-gan-ce.
    20. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    21. Learn these infinitive verbs.
    22. Add "TO" to the present tense form of the verb.
    23. To come,  to go, to see, to hear, to speak, to tell, to say
    24. To do, to walk, to talk, to sing, to sleep, to omit, to give,
    25. To receive, to get, to get up, to rise, to raise, to wave,
    26. To observe, to have, to read, to write, to send, to sell
    27. To buy, to be, to make, to reduce, to draw, to design,
    28. To build , to destroy, to bring, to purchase, to add,
    29. To deduct, to multiply, to divide,to follow, to work, to feel,
    30. To know, to let, to watch, to help, to  believe, to compose,
    31. To realise, to want, to need, to teach, to cheat, to learn.
    32. To finish, to solve, to drink, to swallow, to enter, to find,
    33. To search, to return, to get back, to use, to complete,
    34. To pay, to quarrel, to fight, to jump, to congratulate,
    35. To congratulate, to secure, to combine, to overcome,
    36. To question, to answer, to reply, to ask, to score.
    37. To open, to close, to shut, to see, To represent,
    38. To confuse, to contract, to construct, to abbreviate,
    39. To form, to advise, to beat,to stop, to start, to begin
    40. To flee, to light, to shine, to bear, to take birth, to die,
    41. To create, to roll, to attack, to imagine, to guess,
    42. To estimate, to describe, to escape, to build, to converse,
    43. To overcome, to disappoint, to fall, to fell, to decide,
    44. To post-pone, to delay,to stand, to sit,to attempt,to try,
    45. To remain, to remind, to choose, to trap, to collapse,

    Saturday, June 14, 2014

    Takshiny -4 u

    1. Mother: Mother is the greatest of all.
    2. Mother: No one cared or care for me as my mother.
    3. Mother: I am thankful to my mother for bringing me up and taking care of me.
    4. Father:Father is the provider for the family.
    5. Father: Birds of the same father and feather flock together.
    6. Maternal grand father:My mom's father is my MGF.
    7. Maternal grand  mother: My mom's mother is my MGM.
    8. Paternal grand father: My father's father is my MGF.
    9. Paternal grand mother: My father's mother is my PGM.
    10. Husband: I was an infant. I was a young girl of 18. I grew up to be a young woman. I was a bride. The bride groom and I, the bride got married. The bridegroom is now my Husband and I am his wife.
    11. Husband and wife: Husband and wife both are equally responsible  to run the family.
    12. Son: I gave birth to a son and a daughter.
    13. Daughter: Our daughter has more affection on us.
    14. Daughter: Our daughter concentrates more on studies and  brings good records.
    15. Son: Our Son is also very clever in his own way and he excels in sports and other activities.
    16. Male child: Male child becomes an elder brother or a young brother.
    17. Female child: Female child becomes an elder sister of younger sister.
    18. Uncle. My uncle is my father's brother or my mother's brother.
    19. Aunt: My aunt is the wife of my father's brother or my mother's sister.
    20. Father-in-law: My father is the father-in-law of my husband and his father is my father-in-law.
    21. Mother-in-law: My mother is my husband's mother-in-law and his mother is my Mother-in-law.
    22. Daughter-in-law: I am the daughter-in-law of my father-in-law and mother-in-law.
    23. Son-in-law: My husband is the son-in -law of my father and mother.
    24. Brother-in-law: My both the brothers are the brother-in-laws of my husband.
    25. Sister-in-law: My both sisters become sister-in-laws of my husband.
    26. Do you know???? Now how many brothers and sisters do I have????
    27. Cousin: My uncle's sons are my cousins
    28. Cousin:My uncle's daughters are my cousins.
    29. Nephew: My brother's son is my nephew.
    30. Niece: My brother's daughter is my niece
    31. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    32. Happiness: Happiness is your own creation.
    33. Anger: Anger makes us take wrong judgement and reaction.
    34. Laughter: Laughter is the best medicine.
    35. Weep: Laugh all the people will laugh with you and weep and you have to weep alone.
    36. Voice: High or low voice or medium voice is good depending upon the place.If you tell a secret it must be in a low voice and you have to shout if you are speaking to less hearing privileged person and  in the meetings in a medium voice.
    37. Sorrow: When someone is sad with sorrow don't ever smile or laugh  or tell is not ethical.
    38. Noise:This car makes more noise because it is old.
    39. Noise: This creates a pollution in the air.
    40. Disappointment: You will leave me in disappointment if you do not read and benefit from this.
    41. Love: Love all and hate none.
    42. Affection: Mother has a deep affection on her children
    43. Desire: My desire is to see you as a successful person.
    44. Friendship: Friendship  is the greatest and best ship to sail safely.
    45. Friend: A friend is sincere or not ,you can easily find out when you really need him/her very badly.
    46. Hatred: Hatred will spoil your health.Be careful.
    47. Pity: Have pity on the poor.If you can feed  him/her buy or make for him/her the dish  and offer and not the money.
    48. Smooth: You can have a smooth life if you do not create friction.
    49. Pleasure: It is a pleasure to watch young children playing and singing.
    50. Sorrow:Don't go on bragging about your sorrow.This will harm you more.
    51. Carelessness: Carelessness may lead you to a heavy loss.
    52. Fear: You can drive away the fear if you decide and determine to do it.
    53. Doubt: Doubts lead to misunderstanding and problems.
    54. Courage: Have courage to face the world.
    55. Speed: Reduce speed when you drive on the bridge  and follow the traffic signs on the roads carefully.
    56. Speed: Improve your speed in reading and understanding.

    Thursday, June 12, 2014

    Takshiny -this is for you

    1. House: If the host misbehaves with the guest then the house can be called  a haunted house.
    2. House: House can be made a sweet home by the people who live in that.
    3. House: There are twelve houses in the horoscope.
    4. House: Mesha /Vrichika belongs to(Mangal) Mars.Rishaba and Thula belongs to Venus(Sukra).Mithuna and Kanya houses belong to Mercury(Budha). Kataka belongs to Moon.( Chandra) Simha belongs to Surya(Sun)Dhanus and Meena houses belong to Jupiter(Guru) Makara and Kumbha houses belong to Sani(Saturn)
    5. Buildings.You can find new buildings coming up in this street.
    6. Building: This building is occupied by the Ex-Army personnel.
    7. Hut: Poor people live in huts.
    8. Bungalow: Rich people live in bungalows.
    9. Palace. Kings lived in palaces.
    10. Room:There are many rooms in our building.
    11. Room: There is always a room for the aspiring and enterprising students.
    12. Door: If one door closes ,the other door always opens.
    13. Door: Knock the door or ring the bell if you want to enter someones room or house.
    14. Door: Lady luck will knock your door if you are ready to receive her.
    15. Door: Keep the door closed so the dirt will not enter.
    16. Window: What's the use of a room without a window?
    17. Window: Window is there to allow the wind to pass through.
    18. Board: Some students get bored when the teacher goes on writing on the board more than 5 lines.
    19. Portion: They gave the back portion of the house for rent.
    20. Portion: He got his share or portion of the property.
    21. Bath: We take bath daily in the bathroom.
    22. Dining hall: Don't start arguing in the dining hall.
    23. Dining hall: you will find more noise in the dining hall because the owners of the restaurant have written on the board "Dinning hall."
    24. Kitchen: Knives and forks and vessels are there in the kitchen.
    25. Kitchen: Life without a wife is like the kitchen without a knife.
    26. Oven: you can heat the dishes in the oven or make delicious biscuits.
    27. Plates: Wash and clean your plates before you start eating.
    28. Cup:There can be a slip between the cup and the lip.
    29. Cup: You can break a cup in the hotel and pay the cost.
    30. Cup: He won a cup in the relay race.
    31. Cup: I see a fly  in this cup of tea.What do you expect?An elephant or what?
    32. Spoon: A pinch of salt is enough to add the taste but a spoon of sugar is not enough to make the tea/coffee sweet.
    33. Spoon:There are three types of spoons.Small/mini spoons, tea-spoons and table spoons.
    35. Fork:You can use a fork and knife to eat the omelet but you cannot use a fork to have a South Indian meals.
    36. Knife: Knife you use for cutting and fork to pick up and eat.
    37. Fork: The street forked in the middle and there were two paths.
    38. Fire: Fire was the invention of the ancient man to cook the food.Some cruel people use fire to burn the huts of the poor people.Some poor people do not know how to use the fire.
    39. Fire: Some use the firing culture by using the guns.
    40. Fire: you can roast  and the taste is different. you can boil or bake and the taste is different.
    41. Firewood: People who live near the forest or inside the forest use firewood for making dishes.
    42. Firewood: Iddlis and dishes made by using firewood have a nice taste than on the gas.
    43. Coal: You can get coal from the mines.
    44. Coal: Coal is black in colour.
    45. Coal.How do we get coal? Find out.
    46. Court-yard. you can either play in the court-yard and grow plants.
    47. Almirah: you can keep your dresses in the almirah/bureau.
    48. Almirah: it can be made out of wood or iron.
    49. Room: How many rooms are there in your house?
    50. Room: Will you use a bathroom for sleeping or the bedroom for taking bath????

    Takshiny for you 3rd one

    1. Sunday. Sunday is a holiday.Every day cannot be  a Sunday.
    2. Monday.Monday is the first working day.
    3. Tuesday. People visit Muruga temple on Tuesday.
    4. Wednesday.This day we pray Lord Vishnu.
    5. Thursday.We visit Sai Baba  temple on Thursdays.
    6. Friday: Hindu ladies visit Devi(goddess) temple on this day.
    7. Saturday: You can visit Sabarimalaiappan( Sashtha) or Hanuman or Balaji temple on this day.
    8. Week.One week has seven days.
    9. Weak: you will feel weak if you do not eat proper food at proper time.
    10. East. The sun rises in the east. Can you give a valid reason why it seems to us that sun rises in the east?
    11. West. East or West India is best.
    12. North.We have Himalayas in the north.
    13. South: It is worth visiting Kanyakumari to watch the sunset and moon rise in the southern tip of India.
    14. Side: Can you tell where is Arabian Sea? in the east side or west side?
    15. Side: Don't go that side. They are repairing the road.
    16. Side: you should not put the same side goal.
    17. Right:It is your right to vote and express your opinion.
    18. Right: Many people write with right hands.
    19. Right: Turn right and go straight and you can reach that bank.
    20. Left: Who left the bag here?
    21. Left: The train left the station late.
    22. Left. On the left side of the Indian map  ,you can find the Arabian Sea and Mumbai.
    23. Left. Soldiers march repeating left,right,left,right.
    24. Above: Doing and thinking good of every one is above all things.
    25. Above:The sky is above and the earth is below and we are in between both.
    26. Behind: Behind every successful  man is a woman.
    27. Behind: Don't stand behind the desk. Come in front.
    28. In front: Hospital is in front of my house.
    29. In. What goes in one way must come out in another way.
    30. In. you can find mother always in the kitchen.
    31. Out:They tale the dog out for a walk   but they don't take the children to the ground or park to play.
    32. Out: Who goes there as an out-patient?
    33. Out: There is no let out for our anger at times.
    34. Out: Please go out and play cricket.
    35. Circle:Life is a cycle of births and deaths.

    Wednesday, June 11, 2014

    Takshiny for you

    1. Like: We all like you.
    2. Like: The earth is like a ball.
    3. Pond: You can find frogs in the pond.
    4. Mad: Mad people talk more about something.
    5. Ready: Are you ready for learning?
    6. Book: You can even learn words from a cheap book.
    7. Middle: Never stop anything in the middle.
    8. Never: Never start anything which you can never finish.
    9. Middle:Don't use your cell phone in the middle of the road.
    10. Become:You can become what you want.It's only in your hands.
    11. Vegetable: Is tomato a fruit or vegetable?
    12. Sword: They used to fight with swords in the past.
    13. Approximately: You can reach there approximately at 6 p.m.
    14. Really: It is really very grand.
    15. Rabbit: Rabbit likes carrots.
    16. Carrots: Carrots are liked by rabbits.
    17. Fifty one: You are not old if you are fifty five years old.
    18. Brave: You must be brave to face the world.
    19. School: Every one  remembers the school days happily.
    20. Conduct: The conductor conducts the bus carefully.
    21. Conduct: He got a good certificate for his good conduct from the passengers.
    22. Coconut: You can break the coconut easily if you wash it in water. Try it and tell me.
    23. Monday: Monday is the first day of the working week.
    24. Ravana: Ravana had ten heads and twenty hands.
    25. Milkman: Our milk-man always comes late and that too especially on Sundays.
    26. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    27. Break-fast.Don't miss your breakfast.
    28. Newspaper: Read a good newspaper everyday.
    29. Helper: It is very difficult to get helpers these days.
    30. Challenge: You take it as a challenge to complete the work on hand.
    31. Follow: Follow the rules of the road. You can avoid accidents.
    32. Seconds: God has gifted you 86400 seconds.They are very precious.
    33. Minute: 60 minutes make one hour.
    34. Minute: Check this computer minutely and you can find the fault.
    35. Hour.: Early hours of the day are the best to learn anything from scratch.
    36. Morning:Get up in the early morning.
    37. Evening: Make it a practice to go for a walk in the evening.
    38. Night: Sleep well in the night.Do not carry your worries to the bed.
    39. Day: Every day is a good day.
    40. Midnight: You can have dreams in the mid-night.
    41. Early morning:Sun never asks your permission to rise up early in the morning.
    42. Season: Summer,Winter,Autumn and spring are seasons.
    43. Wind:The wind blows hard.
    44. Storm: After a storm there is always a calm.
    45. Cloud: It is nice to watch the clouds floating in the sky as white sheep.
    46. Lightning: Lightning kills a person instantly.
    47. Thunder: Which can be seen or heard first the thunder or the lightning on a rainy day?
    48. Flood:Floods carried away all the huts,crops and animals.
    49. Rain: Everyone likes to play in the rain.
    50. March: The army marched  under the arch in the month of March.
    51. May: May I come to India in the month of May?
    52. Call: Call me  when you are free.
    53. Call: I received a call from London.
    54. Week: The week has seven days.
    55. Weak: You are not weak as you think.
    56. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Takshiny this is for you

    1. Now. I will go just now to the traffic department.
    2. Today.Today I cannot come to the class.sorry.
    3. Tomorrow: I will surely come at 12 o'clock tomorrow.
    4. When:When will you get your licence?
    5. This:This is very nice.
    6. You: You have done a good job.
    7.  A little: You have to pay a little more attention.
    8. Name:What is his name?
    9. You:You all can learn all languages.
    10. House: Is your house in Gandhipuram?
    11. House: Where is your house?
    12. House: How big is your house?
    13. Day.Every day is a good day.
    14. Night: We all go to sleep at night.
    15. Along with: Who came there along with you?
    16. Word: Learn 5 words a day with meanings and using in sentences of your own.
    17. Cow: The cow gives milk.
    18. Mango: Which man goes to buy mangoes? You can find the man and the go words in this sentence.
    19. Work:When will you finish your work?
    20. Manure: If you put manure the coconut trees will bear big and nice and more fruits.
    21. Fly: Do you know how to fly a kite?
    22. Fly: The fly can fly but it cannot fly like the eagle.
    23. Write: Try to write ten sentences everyday.
    24. One: One and one make two. You too can try to make this.
    25. Join: You can also join the computer class.
    26. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    27. Tea: I drink tea in the afternoon.What do you drink?
    28. Victory: Hon.P.M.,his victory came only after a hard work.
    29. Oil: Please put break oil in your car.
    30. Himself: He himself went to all the places.
    31. Man. Every man has his own opinions.
    32. Cloth: You can use a rough cloth to open the lid.
    33. Boy: Boys are more playful than girls.
    34. Rupee: There are two sides to a rupee coin.
    35. How many: How many heads did Ravana have?
    36. Thin: Muslin is a thin cloth.
    37. Thin.You can make a thin paper thick if you fix two or three papers together.
    38. Gift: If someone gives you a gift,do not ask its price.
    39. Article: Leave your articles near the door before you enter.
    40. Shirt: This is loose shirt. You may lose the change.
    41. Sister:Do you have a sister?
    42. Dream: All dreams do not materialise.
    43. Servant: Why do you employ a servant?
    44. Salt:Very soon Amma salt will be sold in the market.
    45. Pen: How many good pens do you have?
    46. Food: Food supplied in some restaurants is not that good.
    47. Cause: The cause of the missing students in Biyas river is negligence.
    48. Paper: Paper is white so also sugar.
    49. Silk: Silk is soft.
    50. Letter.A is a letter. Can you write an interesting letter?
    51. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Friday, March 28, 2014

    Lovers of Sports- Basketball,Volleyball.Table Tennis,Ring Tennis, Croquet ,badminton,shuttlecock,baseball

    1. All lovers of these sports ,interested to guide others and also participate and play  and be a part of a  team to promote are all welcome.Especially from Coimbatore.
    2. You can contact  with your kind and valuable suggestions as to how to promote these sports and help build  the good health of the present and future generations.
    3. Your guidance will be most appreciated.