Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Banks in India

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  7. This site is very valuable and a good guide for those aspiring to be banking professionals.
  8. I also do agree with some of the views  mentioned in this website.
  9. Bank staff waste most time in travelling and meetings than meeting the needs and necessities of the customers.
  10. Most of the time they are not on their seats, if they are then they have more time to discuss things that do not matter with their present jobs.
  11. The so called computers do not function properly at all.
  12. Bank staff are interested only in their pay pockets.pension,bonus and other all privileges.
  13. Banks some of them are short of staff most of the times.
  14. Some banks make a BIG SHOW only.
  15. Normal,ordinary persons find it difficult to cross the barriers and find it something ODD even to enter and enquire.
  16. Some of banks are not customer-friendly.
  17. These are mentioned only for those banks who are falling in this pattern.
  18. Our sincere request to all Bank directors, officers and employees to give  a sincere smiling patient service and make the reasonable customers to be satisfied with the service which they offer and make customers feel at home and be happy for dealing with that bank.
  19. Be open  and frank in all the financial transactions and inform the  customer and solve his problems either on the debits or credits and the rates applied.
  21. Work with a plan and plan the work and waste not want not.
  22. Wish all the sincere employees ,officers and directors  all the best in offering the best of what they can in the interests of the bank (for getting that post to fill all the needs of their families ) and to customers who are their bread and butter .
  23. Wish you all all the best.