Thursday, October 4, 2018


How can you celebrate Halloween?

  1. There are a number of ways to celebrate the festival, whether you want to go out or enjoy it from the comfort of your home.
    These include:
    • playing apple bobbing
    • carving pumpkins
    • playing pranks
    • dressing up in fancy dress at a costume party
    • going trick or treating
    • watching horror films
    • telling scary stories
    • visiting "haunted" attractions
    • some Christians attend church services

Gujsrat business man's MERCEDES GIFT.

 Good news!on

One million thanks and hearty gratitude to the boss who takes good care of his esp. old employees sharing his profits and getting best wishes from their families too.
How many can we count in India like Karna in. Mahabharata.
 Long live he and his family.


  1. Who is to be blamed?
  2.  Every country has a right to give their own citizens the opportunity to lead a decent living.
  3.  Get the right qualifications and get the right real experience and do your work with real sincerity
  4. When you have finished your target go back to your OWN country .
  5. Find a way. find a solution how you can help yourself and to the country which you belong.
  6. Where there is a will there is A WAY.
  7. There is no use in working in a country and criticise them and their rights.
  8. Stay, reside, enjoy all the privileges.
  9. Remember that is not your country. You have gone their to help them because they need you.
  10. You cannot claim anything there as your own.

One world,oneSun, and One grid”

  1. Courtesy The Times of India
  2. One world,oneSun, and One grid” 
Your comment on the article 'ISA could One world,oneSun, and One grid” replace Opec as key global energy supplier in future: PM Modi' is now displayed on
'Excellent idea. Good thinking.
 But there must be a Special division to implement this idea.
”One world,oneSun, and One grid” is really worth following.
Nature and Sun from time immemorial were kind to our not criticize for the sake of it.
Do give a shoulder and make it a reality for the common good of the world.
 Hon.Modi alone cannot make the Sun to rise and set and make use of His grand power the Solar energy to replace Petrol and grumble on its price rise?'
Don't grumble.groan.complain and criticize.
Give a helping hand if you can and make it a success.
Everyone in the world will benefit and thank you.