Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Office at Home

  1. My special appreciation to my dear L.suresh
  2.  for his article in the Hindu of Sept.25.2013.
  3. Gist of what I learnt.
  4. Before Computers.BC After Digital. AD
  5. What is working from Home?
  6. Telecommuting
  7. How is it possible? 
  8. Through the help of latest technology.
  9. What methods are followed?
  10. E-mail,Chat, Skype, Teleconference, video
  11. conferencing, file sharing.
  12. What made this possible?
  13. Laptops, Smart phones and tablets.
  14. What is the main ingredient for success in
  15. this?
  17. What are the benefits?
  18. No more tiring,boring, drives to office and back in peak hours, No more jams in traffic
  19. and waiting, No more office politics.
  20. And some more.
  21. Getting ready to go to office,by starting early, drive with anxiety, wearing the formal dress. etc.,
  22. Best benefit.
  23. Two benefits at one time.
  24. Get more work done at home at ease and comfort with less disturbance and with more concentration.
  25. Above all be with the family and give them your pleasant company.
  26. Have homely food at the right time.

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