Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AMRISH'S Wedding and Reception

  1. It is wonderful feeling to hear you will personally bless the couple. The lagna patrika will follow. Meanwhile I am giving you below a link to the google map showing the venue - "KUTCHI BHAVAN". it is only 200 meters from Sreedhar's house. Looking forward to a rare meeting,
    affectionately yours,
  2. ​Usha and I are happy to inform you that Amrish's
     wedding is fixed for 14 and 15th Nov at Shimoga
    ​ (Shivamogga)​
    . The 
    ​Varapooje is on 14th evening and ​
     is on Nov15
     hold a reception 
    Bangalore on 21st Nov.
    ​ (lunch). It goes without saying that you are cordially invited for the celebrations. Your attendance will make it a memorable event for all  of us.
  3. Address : 44B, 1st Main, JP Nagar 3rd Phase, BD Road, Bangalore- 560078
  4. Phone : 7676700600, 08065640000

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