Sunday, January 3, 2016

gsk consumer

  2. The company’s management includes Ms.Sonali Khanna, Ms.Sonali Khanna, Mr.Jaiboy J Phillips, Mr.Jonathan Box, Mr.Kunal Kashyap, Mr.Mukesh H Butani, Mr.Naresh Dayal, Mr.P Dwarakanath, Mr.Subodh Bhargava, Mr.Zubair Ahmed, Ms.Sangeeta Talwar.
  4. volume is 5482   on 4th Jan 2016
  5. My Suggestion for your kind perusal and consideration.
  6. How to make the company popular with the middle-class and small investors to know more about company.
  7. Either issue new shares of Rs.1/- each with equal rights or split the shares as Rs.1- to make it more popular among the Indian small investors and consumers.
  8. At the price of Rs. 6490 and odd middle class investor can buy only one or two shares and for intraday it is difficult  for small.medium investors.
  9. This way Indian public will become more interested to know more about our good company.
  10. This may be please be brought to the  kind attention of Ms.Sonali Khanna.

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