Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Train Accidents.

  • Why do these accidents happen? 
  • What  is the root cause?
  • Why are we only willing and ready to give Compensation in Rupees?
  • Can the Rupees get back/replace the lives of those who lost?
  • What is the job  of all Railway officials and staff and the responsibility of the Railway Minister?
  • Knowing the problems in  the maintenance, why do the  repeat the same mistake again and again?
  • Is it due to gross negligence or the inefficiency or  the wrong personnel attending the job?
  • Or does the railway have to show a statistics of how many accidents happen and how many people or passengers got free cremation?
  • Or is this one  more way   for the reduction or decrease in population growth?
  • in 1982-Man galore-New Delhi sent to heaven 59 people.
  • In 1987-Mancherial - 53 people

  • 1990- Gollaguda-35 people
  • 1990-Cheriapalli - 40 people
  • 1994- Narayanadri Express- 35 people
  • 1998-Bottlapalam-25 people
  • 2003-Golconda express-18 people
  • 2005-Valigonda- 80 people.
  • 2008-Gajutami express-30 people
  • 2012- Hampi express- 14 people
  • 2012. Tamil Nadu express- 28 people.
  • 1982/5 years/1987/3 years/1990/1/1990/4 years/1998/5 years/2003/2 years/2005/3 years/2008/ 4 years/2012/2 months/2012
  • (ref: Deccan Chronicle Tuesday 31 July 2012.)
  • Solution.: Get all the old and worn out passenger cars on the rails,Make the whole train to fall in parts Right  from the starting point  till the destination.
  • The president, Prime Minister and other dignitaries  can offer CONDOLENCES
  • Offering the maximum assistance to the railway staff and all the officials to do
  • their maximum to help the people to leave to the permanent safety.
  • When will the Railway Minister  and all other concerned officials and staff
  • Do a job by answering their conscience?
  • Will they all perform such haphazard work,
  •  If their own kith and kin,wives and their children travel in any train which they attend in this careless manner?
  • Will the Railway Minister and other ministers  travel in such not well=maintained
  • passenger cars?

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