Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What are we doing for the floods?

  1. What are we doing for safeguarding our own brethren who die and suffer because of floods?
  2. What's the use of giving an aerial Inspection how the floods have affected the particular area?
  3. why no preventive measures taken in advance to help the helpless people of our nation?
  4. Can you get back even one life?
  6. Will you do the same thing if you  or your son or daughter or wife is affected?
  7. Will you still give an aerial inspection 
  8. and offer and take money as compensation for their lives?
  10. Have those affected people not given their votes in your getting elected as their leader/s?
  11.  What are you giving them in return?
  13. God bless all our leaders,officials who care ,more for the lives of their brethren
  14. who lose their everything including their lives.
  15. Let them do something really worthwhile
  16.  and sensible  to help the poor people.
  17. Instead of offering words of condolence and offering consoling words.
  18. Will they get back their  lives or losses?
  20. Think and do something really great and
  21. Save these people from distress.

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