Saturday, October 27, 2012

starting an engineering college

Well, to start an engineering college in india means to become rich in a short time..
First, you have to buy a land [usually a large one: o/w you wont get people to join] and register it for educational purposes.. Then form a trust, usually applying for income tax reduction. Pour crores of money towards building costs [Foolishly, most people consider tall buildings as a fantasy]and get your construction approved. Prepare a draft of what courses you are going to handle and mail it to the Universities Grants Commission [UGC]. It will grant the necessary suggestions [and grants, if eligible] and forward your paper to the All India Council for Technical Education [AICTE]. By the mean time, you have to apply to any of the state universities for affiliation. After thorough analysis (?) of your papers, the univ will forward them to AICTE. The AICTE will check all associated papers and grant approval. But in most cases, the university approval comes first.
After a stipulated time, you will get greedy to earn more. You may apply to the UGC to approve ur college as a DEEMED UNIVERSITY. The UGC will analyse and more commonly grant permission. Theron, you will have more powers to introduce ur own syllabus, fee structure, conduct ur own entrance xams etc..
Unfortunately, the machinery is corrupted to the core AT ALL STAGES. Without money, you cannot achieve anything. BRIBERY has taken up to its full extent


AN INDIAN CITIZEN, who rather feels it better to point out watz wrong, rather than being proud for watz not, just for the sake of being a citizen

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