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How to Start an Educational Institute?
With the changing meaning of educational institutions - to institutions for learning to dynamic educational and cultural centers of the society, running a school or college has become a challenge in itself. You need to ensure that the infrastructural facilities provided in your institution provide complete assistance to acquire quality value-based education. Considering this, you may feel that starting a school/college in your locality will be a tedious task. You will not only have to invest a lot of money to meet the benchmark of facilities in educational institute, but also fulfill a number of legal formalities to realize the dream of owning a school or college. However, if you follow a systematic procedure and know what the key requirements are, you will be able to establish your own school/college without much of a hassle. Some of the major requirements to start an educational institute are given below. After fulfilling the requirements given below, you may start an educational institution in India.
Given Below are the Requirements to Start an Educational Institution:
  • Charitable Trust: Majority of private educational institutions in India are started by charitable Trusts. So, registering a Trust (with at least 3 individuals as its Trustees) is one of the key requirements to start an educational institution.
  • Land: Land is another pre-requisite for opening school/college in India. The land should be registered in favor of the Trust. You need to find at least 2 Acres of land for starting educational institution.
  • Location: You should not confuse land with location. The land is the plot where your school/college shall be constructed, while the location is the site where the land will be situated. Site selection is another requirement to start an educational institution in India.
  • Budget: For any kind of business venture including opening an educational institution in India, you need to make an estimate of the budget required.
  • Permission: You need to get permission from the government at different stages of your project. Before construction of your school/college, you need to secure an NOC from the state government. When your school has been upgraded to 8th grade, you need to gain affiliation from School Education Board, such as CBSE, ICSE or state Board. In case of college, you need to get approval and recognition from apex bodies such as AICTE (for engineering college), MCI (medical college), DCI (dental college) etc. and abide by their norms for the construction and physical infrastructure of your college.
If you are clear about the requirements to start an educational institution such as school/college in India, then go through the procedure given below to open a school/college in India.
Given Below is the Procedure to Open an Educational Institution
  • First, prepare a working model of your school/college. You need to submit a business plan at the time of applying for loan to start your educational institution. The working model should include estimate of the capital expenditure specifying the costs involved in construction, finishing work and promotional activities, details of the land you would purchase/rent-in for your educational institution, number of educators, administrative staff and support staff you want to hire for your school/college, number of students you wish to offer admission to your educational institution. Your business plan should be clear, comprehensive and self-explanatory.
  • The next step is to form a Trust that would run your school/college, because most of the educational institutions in India are run by charitable Trusts, for non-profitable purposes. You need to register the Trust and submit the Trust Deed at the time of registration, in accordance with the laws of the government.
  • Now you may purchase or rent-in land required for the construction of your school/college. Choose a location suitable for educational institutions. The land should be non-agricultural – fit for either institutional or commercial purposes. You require minimum 2 Acres of land. In case of hilly areas or metropolitan cities with population exceeding 25 lakhs, you will require not less than 1 Acre of land.
  • After acquiring the land, you may now start the construction of the building of your school/college, followed by finishing work.
  • When the aforesaid construction and finishing work is over, you may start recruiting educators, administrators and support staff for your school/college.
  • The last step is to officially launch your school/college. You may conduct a Press Conference to announce the launch of your school or advertise through print ads (pamphlets/handbills, print ads in local newspaper/magazines), TVC in local entertainment channels, hoardings, billboards etc.
By following the aforementioned procedure systematically, you can start your own school/college easily!  Fill the education franchise application form

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