Wednesday, November 7, 2012


  • Define mgt. It is a process by which responsible people in an organization  get things done through the efforts of other people in group activities.
    Describe Mgt.  Mgt. is a science and an art. The theory is Science and practical application to gain the desired result is an Art.
    What is co-ordination? It is the essence of mgt.
    The whole idea of coordination  is to ADJUST, RECONCILE, AND SYNCHRONIZE individual efforts  more effectively
    And to help achieve some common objectives.
    Fredrick Taylor: The founder of modern Scientific Mgt.
    Henry Fayol: Father of modern mgt. theory.
    What are the three levels of management?
    Top, Middle, lower  levels of mgt.
    What are the 3 social groups which Drucker assigns?
    a) Managing a business b) managing managers c) managing workers and work.
    What is administration? it is  top level function of mgt.
    What is the level of mgt.? it is a lower level function.
    Classify Managerial skills? Technical, human and conceptual  according to KATZ.
    Who is a professional manager?  He is an expert,trained and experienced enough to adeptly manage any type of organization.It may be  a mfg. house, a service orgn. a hospital, or a govt. agency.
    Which vital role is played by the executive and managers play? they determine the future of the organisation.
    What is increasing? the demand for competent managerial personnel  having intellectual  potentialities  and distinct managerial traits.
    What are required  for the fulfillment of the desired mission of an organization? Effectiveness and efficiency.
    Which is the most significant factor in managerial effectiveness and why?
    Intellectual skill. because  of the changing environment
     of the orgn.
    Mgt. Management/  orgn. organization
    useful for those who are studying for 
    Secretarial and management courses and for general information for all knowledge seekers.

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