Monday, December 3, 2012


  1. letters to the editor.
  2. CAG - what does it stand for? 
  3. CG scam   to the tune of 1.86 crores.
  4. Coalgate  scam again to the tune of 1.86 crores.
  5. How come both of them have the same 1.86 crores?
  6. In how many years this is accumulated?
  7. What is the reason for the delay  in finding?
  8. Is it due to shortage of efficient staff?
  9. Any delay or gherao tactics followed?
  10. Or are they under any body's control?
  11. Why it took this much time to come to the conclusion of this figure?
  12. When every authority including the Tax authorities work on yearly basis,why this delay by CAG/
  13. this has led to the parliament  not in session  and abruptly stopped.
  14. Both the congress and the BJP throwing the blame on one another ,making the country lose the the time,energy and money.
  15. Why was it not found by CAG earlier?
  16. This is the question coming to our minds.

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