Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Know for sure

The Back-Bone

Agriculture is our back-bone.
Why bring in Industries by taking their fertile lands?
Why do you want the farmers and villagers 

to extend you their arms
 in begging and importing food -grains from abroad?
Why do you want to make money

 throwing out all the farmers and villagers?
Why do you make them 

as beggars and make them as lazy people?
Oh! leaders! what do you gain out of this?
Do you want to have many beggars around you?
They have lands,they have hands,

 they know their jobs very well,
they have grown and fed all the urban people.
Why not help them with money,

 seeds, manure 
and what they require for their growing of the grains?
Why all the leaders of the country

 fight for the river water?
Why not co-operate 

and help the farmers to do their jobs smoothly
 and nicely by sharing the water all over the nation?
We pray to all the leaders of all States

 and in the Centre to give their care 
and kind attention to the farmers
 and villagers of India.
God bless those sincere

 and kind-hearted leaders
 who help the farmers and villagers.
Wish the farmers and villagers

 all the best and best of luck.
May God bless India to go forward 
and become the Food-Bowl
 for the whole world and 
especially for those who cannot afford 
because of poverty.
Utilise the money of the people
 for up-gradation of the down-trodden
 and people below the poverty line
 and especially the farmers and villagers.
May God bless all our sincere  leaders of India
who are having a broad  kind heart 
 to go on the right path and
 provide  a stand 
for our villagers and farmers.

  1. What for are you sent here?
To harm others by your words,
Deeds or actions? or
To harm none by word,deed
Or action?
To help others to the extent possible,
And attain happiness and satisfaction,
To spread happiness,cheers and peace
Wherever you are or wherever you go,
To spread Good -will among all
And make every one a friend
with your love and affection?
What do you think
You are in this world For?
Think man! Think!
live in this world
To make every one
Happy with your kind words
make them feel comfortable
in your company.

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