Thursday, January 10, 2013

Know More English

  1. I see a boy. Who sees a boy? I
  2.  Whom do you see? a boy
  3. Do you see a boy?Yes
  4. Do you see a girl? No.No,I don't.
  5. The boy is in the playground.
  6. Who is in the playground? the boy
  7.  Is the boy in the playground? Yes
  8. Where is the boy? In the playground.
  9. Is the boy at home? No. No,he isn't.
  10. He is playing foot-ball.
  11.  Who is playing foot-ball? he
  12. What is he playing? foot-ball.
  13. Is he playing volley ball?No.No,he isn't
  14. Is he playing foot-ball? yes.
  15. She knows English.
  16. Who knows English? she
  17. Does she know English? yes
  18. Does she know Hindi ? No. No ,she doesn't.
  19. What does she know?English
  20. That is a tree.
  21. Is that  tree? yes
  22. Is that a flower?No.No, it isn't.
  23. What is that? a tree
  24. That is a monkey.
  25. What is that ? a monkey
  26. Is that a monkey? yes
  27. Is that a donkey?,it isn't.
  28. Can you make the monkey into donkey?yes
  29. How?
  31. They saw a stout boy.
  32. Who saw a stout boy? they
  33. Did they see a stout boy? yes
  34. Did they see a lean boy? no. They didn't.
  35. How was the boy? stout
  36. The book is in the box.
  37. What is in the box? the book
  38. Is the book in the box? yes
  39. Where is the book? in the box.
  40. Is the book in the bag? No.No it isn't.
  41. The child likes ice-cream
  42. Who likes ice-cream? the child
  43. Does the child like ice-cream? yes
  44. Does the child like injection? No,he doesn't.
  45. 000000000000000000000000000000000000
  46. Who comes from a village? Vivek
  47. Vivek comes from  a village.
  48. Where does Vivek come from? from the village.
  49. Does Vivek come from a  village? yes
  50. Does Vivek come from a city? No. He does't.
  51. The Ganges is in the north.
  52. Where is Ganges? in the north.
  53. What's there in the north? Ganges
  54. Is Ganges a holy river? yes.
  55. Is the Ganges in the south of India?No. No, it isn't.
  56. What 's Ganges? a holy river
  57. Does water flow in Ganges 365 days? yes
  58. Where does it start? in Gangotri.
  59. Where's Gangotri? In Himalayas.
  60. Why is water there in Ganges all the 365 days?
  61. Because the ice in Himalayas melt and so the water flows.
  62. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  63. Sage Valmiki  wrote Ramayana.
  64. Who wrote Ramayana?Sage Valmiki
  65. Did Sage Valmiki write Ramayana? yes
  66. What's Ramayana? it is one of the great epics of India.
  67. What's Ramayana? the story of Rama and Sita and  Sri Rama killing the demon Ravana.
  68. Ramayana was written in English by C. Rajagoplachari.
  69. Who was sri.Rajagopala chari? he  was one of the devotees of Sri Ram.
  70. He was also the last Governor General of India.
  72. Did you buy that booK? No.No I didn't.
  73. Where is it available? In Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
  74. Where is Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan? opposite to Eye foundation.
  75. Where  is Eye-foundation? on the D. B, Road
  76. Where is D.B.Road?over there.
  77. Why must I buy this book particularly?
  78. To read one para, one page, one chapter.
  79. Is there any use in buying the book and keeping it
  80. in the Puja room?
  81. yes, if you read regularly.
  82. What's the benefit? Buy one book ,write the date and time,
  83. See the predictions in Sunday Newspapers.
  84. You will gain the English language easily.
  85. You will also come to know thoroughly the story of
  86. Ramayana.
  87. Which are the two great EPICS of India?
  88. Ramayana and Maha bharatha.

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