Friday, January 11, 2013

Know the words and usage

  1. Man, goes, ,mangoes, branches, banks,bank, root, route
  2. leaves,leaves, leave, leaf, leaf, 
  3. peace, piece.peas, last, lost, lose, loose.
  4. change, change, right,right, write, left,left.
  5. birth,berth, coach, coach. pass, pass
  6. to get  her, together, false, falls,
  7. their. there, hear, here, ear, 
  8. play, play, niece,knees.
  9. knows, nose, threw.through,
  10. Nun, none, back, back, fast, fast.
  11. brake, break.

  12. Man can go anywhere.
  13. You can see mangoes  on the tree, in the garden, in the shop and in the pictures.
  14. Man goes to buy mangoes from the market.

  15. There are many branches.
  16. That bank has a branch in this town.

  17. There are two banks to this  river.
  18. There is a bank on the bank of this river.
  19. I can always bank on my sincere friends.

  20. Beet root is good for health.
  21. The bus went very fast on the roots of the tree.
  22. This bus runs on this route regularly.

  23. This train leaves at  7 a.m. and reaches the destination at 7 p.m.
  24. There are many green leaves on that tree.

  25. I asked for one day leave and I got it.
  26. Don't leave so soon.
  27. They serve food on banana leaves here.

  28. This is a banana leaf.
  29. He turned into a new leaf.
  30. Open that leaf of that book and you will find it.

  31. You can attain peace of mind if you don't hurt others,
  32. by your words, deeds and behavior.
  33. My father gave me a piece of advice
  34. not to open and read other's letters.
  35. The farmers were very happy over their harvest of peas.
  36. The tailor cuts the cloth into pieces before stitching.

  37. The boy lost the prize because he came in the last.
  38. This will last for 15 days.

  39. You will lose the change ,if you wear a loose shirt.

  40. You can change only yourself.
  41. Don't try to change the world.
  42. Have change to give the bus conductor the right change.

  43. You have every right to demand a ticket.
  44. The traffic in America and Middle -east is ""Keep to the Right""
  45. In India we follow "Keep to the left".
  46. The train has just left the platform.

  47. She gave birth to a baby boy on the upper berth of the A/C coach.
  48. I got into the "C" coach instead of "B" coach.
  49. We have a different coach this year for our cricket team.

  50. Where is the Railway pass?
  51. you cannot pass this way.
  52. Fail or Pass , don't worry.

  53. You can all go together to get her the thing she wanted most.

  54. I wear false teeth.
  55. Once I went to the falls.
  56. What goes up  always falls down.

  57. Their house is there.

  58. You cannot hear me here.
  59.  You have closed your ear with the cotton.

  60. The boys play in the school ground.
  61. Those boys also acted in the play.
  62. The boy plays foot-ball.
  63. Don't place the ball here.

  64. My niece has pain in her knees.

  65. Do you know how to say No now?

  66. He knows his nose is leaking now.

  67. The boy threw the ball through the window.

  68. The nun saw none in the hall and she went back.
  69. You can come back soon.
  70. The soldier went back and we saw his back.

  71. This shirt has a fast color.
  72. The horse runs fast.

  73. The driver applied the brake of the car.
  74. I could not break the thick stick.
  75. I can break my promise easily.

  76. Who sent this scent to you?

  77. You can buy the apples by dozen.
  78. This can be done by you.

  79. Where is the English book?
  80. May I book 3 tickets for the show?

  81. The watchman watches the house and he wears a golden watch.

  82. Please post this letter today itself.
  83. Don't stand near the lamp -post.

  84. This is not the way to weigh the sugar.

  85. I don't know whether the weather is fine now.

  86. If you have a will, you will read this lesson well.
  87. If you look into the well, you can see your reflection.

  88. you can go to the railway station at two to two and you can meet your brother too.

  89. you can also write this with your right hand.

  90. you can go to the beach to see the blue sea.
  91. On that site, it is a wonderful sight.

  92. He tells lies when he lies on the bed.

  93. Do you like ice -cream? This ice-cream is not like the other one.

  94. He was the only one who won the prize.

  95. I eat cooked rice at the time of the sunrise.

  96. you can meet me near the meat -shop.

  97. The spoke in my cycle wheel broke.
  98. I spoke with my father on that subject.

  99. You can work very nicely if you love your work.

  100. Go and stand in the row, if you want to row the boat.

  101. She told the story on the tenth storey of the building.

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