Saturday, August 9, 2014

Know these sentences

  1. She likes adventures. She likes to be adventurous.
  2. The President gave a speech on our culture preservation.
  3. The president spoke on preserving our culture.
  4. Have courage to stand up for the truth.
  5. Be courageous  to stand up for the truth.
  6. The boy was very sorrow when his pet dog died.
  7. The boy was very sad on the death of his pet dog.
  8. The boy felt very sad when his pet dog died.
  9. Working mothers have difficulty to reach their offices in time.
  10. Working mothers find it difficult to reach their offices in time.
  11. It becomes a necessity  to take tuition  if you don't pay attention in the class.
  12. It is necessary to take tuition only if don't pay attention in your class.
  13. The leader was received with warmth wherever he went.
  14. The leader was received warmly wherever he went.
  15. The teenager who saved a drowning child received everyone's appreciation.
  16. The teenager who saved the child was appreciated  by every one.
  17. I pocketed my key only after I locked the house.
  18. Only after I locked the house,did I pocket my key.
  19. He refused  bluntly.
  20. He made a blunt refusal.
  21. Refuse-refusal, pocket- pocketed,appreciate-appreciation,Warmly-warmth,Necessary-necessity,difficult-difficulty, sorrow- sad, courage-courageous,preserve-preservation, speech- speak,spoke,adventure- adventurous
  22. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  23. Question tags'
  24. There are enough fruits for all of us.Aren't there?
  25. I'm not late. Am I?
  26. She should see a doctor if she is ill.Shouldn't she?
  27. You know this.Don't you?
  28. These lessons are interesting.Aren't they?
  29. Swarna can't run fast. Can she?
  30. Shrini draws nice figures. Doesn't she?
  31. It has been raining incessantly. Isn't it?
  32. Many do not know him.Don't we?
  33. We get uninterrupted power supply these days, Don't we?
  34. The bus is early today. Isn't it?
  35. There is enough water in the tank. Isn't  there?
  36. You must treat everyone with respect. Mustn't you?
  37. You should do regular exercise daily.Shouldn't you?
  38. I have answered all your questions.Haven't I?
  39. Our national flag has three main colours. Hasn't it?Doesn't it?
  40. Our team will surely win the match.Won't they?
  41. All the conductors in Coimbatore will give you change easily.Won't they?
  42. I shall not carry your bags. Should I? Shall I?
  43. You must keep your house, street,environment clean. Mustn't you?
  44. This bus is early today. isn't it?
  45. This lesson is easy. Isn't it?
  46. You can really study well.Can't you?
  47. The bell has rung. Hasn't it?
  48. The Sun sets in the west. Doesn't it?
  49. People should be kind and graceful in their dealings. Shouldn't they?
  50. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  51. Learn these too: usage of to in the sentences.
  52. The crowd excitedly watched  Spain  take the final goal to win the cup.
  53. Our teacher wanted us to submit our answer papers.
  54. We have been taught to keep our classroom neat and tidy.
  55. A kind and inspiring teacher always make us learn better.
  56. I am forced to close the windows because I want to sleep well.
  57. I am forced to use the two pillows because I want to sleep peacefully.
  58. Usage of too.:
  59. He is too old and he cannot run fast.
  60. Kiran is too ill to go to work.
  61. The lid of the bottle is too tight to open.
  62. You can keep the lid between the door hinges and turn it.You can easily open.
  63. Mary is too tired to finish her work.
  64. It is too difficult  for him to solve that problem.
  65. This street is too narrow for  entering  the vehicles.
  66. It is too narrow for the vehicles to enter this street.
  67. The time is too short to learn Spanish in a  week.

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