Saturday, August 9, 2014


  1. A-bout
  2. In-side
  3.  Peo-ple
  4. Mu-sic
  5. Gui-tar-ist.
  6. Pri-so-ners
  7. Sur-vi-val
  8. In-ter-nal.
  9. In-ter-na-tion-al
  10. Pro-per-ly
  11. Per-ma-nent.
  12. Ob-ser-va-ble
  13. As-tro-no-my
  14. En-ter-tain-ment.
  15. Ar-ti-cu-late
  16. Bare-ly
  17. Fa-na-tic
  18. Phil-har-mo-nic
  19. Ex-tra-va-gan-ce.
  20. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  21. Learn these infinitive verbs.
  22. Add "TO" to the present tense form of the verb.
  23. To come,  to go, to see, to hear, to speak, to tell, to say
  24. To do, to walk, to talk, to sing, to sleep, to omit, to give,
  25. To receive, to get, to get up, to rise, to raise, to wave,
  26. To observe, to have, to read, to write, to send, to sell
  27. To buy, to be, to make, to reduce, to draw, to design,
  28. To build , to destroy, to bring, to purchase, to add,
  29. To deduct, to multiply, to divide,to follow, to work, to feel,
  30. To know, to let, to watch, to help, to  believe, to compose,
  31. To realise, to want, to need, to teach, to cheat, to learn.
  32. To finish, to solve, to drink, to swallow, to enter, to find,
  33. To search, to return, to get back, to use, to complete,
  34. To pay, to quarrel, to fight, to jump, to congratulate,
  35. To congratulate, to secure, to combine, to overcome,
  36. To question, to answer, to reply, to ask, to score.
  37. To open, to close, to shut, to see, To represent,
  38. To confuse, to contract, to construct, to abbreviate,
  39. To form, to advise, to beat,to stop, to start, to begin
  40. To flee, to light, to shine, to bear, to take birth, to die,
  41. To create, to roll, to attack, to imagine, to guess,
  42. To estimate, to describe, to escape, to build, to converse,
  43. To overcome, to disappoint, to fall, to fell, to decide,
  44. To post-pone, to delay,to stand, to sit,to attempt,to try,
  45. To remain, to remind, to choose, to trap, to collapse,

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