Saturday, June 23, 2018

Easy English Grammar

  1. What are nouns? Nouns are the names of persons,places,things ,animals and quality.
  2. How many kinds of nouns do you know?
  3. proper nouns,common  nouns, countable nouns ,uncountable nouns abstract nouns, concrete nouns ,
  4. collective nouns:herd,school, gang, flock.
  5. ,Abstract nouns are emotions, mental states or ideas.ideas,lies,troubles,humour,love,kindness, darkness,
  6. Concrete nouns are material things that can be touched or seen.pen.building, man,dog,book.milk,gold.
  7. .His friend was  symbol of good friendship
  8. .His enmity grew strong against his enemy
  9. , Abraham Lincoln did not like anyone having a slave and so he abolished slavery..
  10. . He was so honest ,he returned the purse,so He  got a reward for his honesty.
  11. ,vacation,weather,happy, pain,beauty,hunger, time, love -what kind of nouns are these?
  12. beach,rain,shoulder,cathedral,people, food, watch, -what kind of nouns are these?
  13. Race-racism,hate-hatred,patient-patience, friend-friendship, brother-brotherhood,long-length, honest-honesty, pure-purity.common nouns used in plural; clothes,spectacles,scissors,jeans,trousers,
  14. gold, information,

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