Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mutual Aid and Help

  • What is Mutual Aid?
  • The Have s can help the have not s to lead a comfortable life.
  • If you forego one meal,it can fill at least half the belly full for the hungry poor people.
  • Contribute what you can,without losing your present comfortable living,
  • You can forsake some comforts a little.How?
  • If you go in a car , you put petrol tank full.
  • But what can you do? You need not take the car to go to the nearest market to buy bread and butter.
  • You can walk the distance.Can't you?
  • Are you going to buy the whole diary? No.You are going to buy one or two breads and one kg. butter and one tin jam.
  • You can carry that home easily.Save the petrol,save the wear and tear of the tyres and also get a good walking exercise.
  • Money thus saved can be given to the needy children to buy books and stationery or a packet of MILK biscuits.
  • We are all interdependent and not independent.
  • If you help the society to come up you will also have a nice time.
  • That's where Mutual aid comes.
  • If you scratch someone's back,a time will come some one else will scratch your back sometime when you need.
  • Life is for living,smiling,laughing and enjoying.
  • Blessings and best wishes to all to help each one mutually and aid and help.

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