Sunday, May 31, 2015

buy when it dips sell when it rises up

  1. This is nothing NEW.
  2. In the Share Market watch the prices:
  3. Buy in the dips and sell in the Ups.
  4. Sell in the Ups and buy in the dips.
  5. But be watchful and careful:
  6. Check the stocks and know its value.
  7. Suppose the market  is low and lower and the price is going down, be careful.This particular stock will take long time to get up and walk.
  8. The market goes up and down and down and up you can play a nice game.
  9. but Watch how much is the volume.
  10. If it is less than 500,000 never go near. It is not worth playing.
  11. If the volume is more than 1 million, you can bet on that and play carefully.
  12. But go on watching.
  13. Don't just buy and sit quiet.
  14. You may miss the ups or the downs.
  15. Buy when there is a good dip on a good stock
  16. Sell when there is a good up on a good stock
  17. Sell when it rises up to the extent you expect.
  18. Buy when it goes down to the extent you expect.
  19. You can even fix the price for how much you expect the stock to go up.
  20. or do the same to buy back to your expected price.
  21. This way you can play a safe game.

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