Friday, May 8, 2015

Pranav Science Heterotrophs(H.T)

  1. What does Hetero mean?
  2. What does Trophic mean?
  3. What are called Heterotrophs?
  4. What is called H.T. Nutrition?
  5. What do H.T. depend on?
  6. Do H.T. have chlorophyll?
  7. On what do humans and H.T depend on for nutrition?
  8. What are the 4 types of H.T. plants?
  9. What are Parasitic plants?
  10. What are Saprophytic plants?
  11. What are symbiotic plants?
  12. What are insectivorous plants?
  13. What is called a host?
  14. What do Parasitic plants do?
  15. How do they suck the sap from the host?
  16. What are Haustoria?
  17. What is P.S. nutrition?
  18. Give some examples of Parasitic plants?
  19. Explain Cuscuta.What are its functions?
  20. Which of the host plants Cuscuta attach to?
  21. Explain Orobanche.(B.R.)
  22. Which are its hosts?

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