Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Caravan to Tibet for my Pranav.

  1. Chapter 1.The Amulet.
  2. What did Debu smell? Smelt of good things coming.
  3. What did his father warn him? Not to expect too much and get disappointed.
  4. Did Debu follow his advice?No.
  5. Who is a pilgrim?A religious devotee who journeys to a shrine or sacred place.
  6. What is to anticipate?
  7.   to expect; look forward to, esp. confidently or with pleasure.
  8. What made him anticipate good business?
  9. Pilgrims crowding the village market.
  10. What pilgrimage was it?
  11.  Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.
  12. Which is the abode of Lord Shiva?
  13. Mount Kailash.
  14. From where were  most of the men from?
  15. from regions further south.
  16. In what way were they different  from Debu's own people?
  17. They had large eyes and sharp features.
  18. How were the Debu's people called? Shaukas.
  19. What did Debu whisper?
  20. "Please Devi Ma,Make these people buy a few rugs from us for we are hard up now."
  21. Who was Devi  Ma? their family deity.
  22. Who was Debu's younger brother? Hayat.
  23. What was Hayat doing? squatting on the ground next to Debu,
  24.  How old was Hayat ? 10 years.
  25. How old was Debu? 14 years.
  26. Why his chubby face turned red? because of the July heat.
  27. Which was their village and where is it?
  28. Milam. located on the India-Tibet border.
  30. Where is the village Milam? at 11000 feet height.
  31. What was their Summer home? Milam.
  32. Why are the Shaukas called Nomads?
  33. A person with no fixed residence who roams about; 
  34. a wanderer.
  35. Where did they come from? from low reaches of Quithi and spring in beautiful Musiari. with their herds.
  36. Why was Hayat 's mouth trembled ( because of fear)?
  37. because Debu scolded him.
  38. What did Hayat tell Debu?
  39. To call out the pilgrims.
  40. What did Debu realize? he had to coax(gently do something) to buy their wares.
  41. Who had woven the rugs? Debu's mother.
  42. What provided them a good portion of their income?
  43. the rugs.
  44. Who stood in front of Debu? A stout man
  45. What did he ask Debu? ""How much for that Chutka.boy?''
  46. What price did Debu tell him? only ten rupees.
  47. What did the stout man offer Debu? Five rupees only.
  48. What did Debu tell him? "Sir, please give seven rupees".
  49. What did Auntie Durga say to the stout man?
  50. She told him that the rug was well-woven like any rug
  51. from Persia or Bukhara..
  52. Did the stout man by the rug? yes.
  53. Why  a rush of elation warmed him?because he was able to sell one of his rugs at Seven rupees. 
  54. Who was Trilok? Debu's father's cousin.
  55. Describe Trilok? short, bow-legged with a straggly moustache  and unkempt air,with a permanent frown.,
  56. angered with worried expression.
  57. What did Trilok Tell Debu? " When're you planning to return my money?"
  58. What did uncle Kalyan swear? That Debu's father had already repaid the money borrowed from Trilok.
  59. What did Aunty Durga say to him?
  60. To keep his mouth shut and called him a drunken idiot.
  61. to be continued.

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