Thursday, June 12, 2014

Takshiny -this is for you

  1. House: If the host misbehaves with the guest then the house can be called  a haunted house.
  2. House: House can be made a sweet home by the people who live in that.
  3. House: There are twelve houses in the horoscope.
  4. House: Mesha /Vrichika belongs to(Mangal) Mars.Rishaba and Thula belongs to Venus(Sukra).Mithuna and Kanya houses belong to Mercury(Budha). Kataka belongs to Moon.( Chandra) Simha belongs to Surya(Sun)Dhanus and Meena houses belong to Jupiter(Guru) Makara and Kumbha houses belong to Sani(Saturn)
  5. Buildings.You can find new buildings coming up in this street.
  6. Building: This building is occupied by the Ex-Army personnel.
  7. Hut: Poor people live in huts.
  8. Bungalow: Rich people live in bungalows.
  9. Palace. Kings lived in palaces.
  10. Room:There are many rooms in our building.
  11. Room: There is always a room for the aspiring and enterprising students.
  12. Door: If one door closes ,the other door always opens.
  13. Door: Knock the door or ring the bell if you want to enter someones room or house.
  14. Door: Lady luck will knock your door if you are ready to receive her.
  15. Door: Keep the door closed so the dirt will not enter.
  16. Window: What's the use of a room without a window?
  17. Window: Window is there to allow the wind to pass through.
  18. Board: Some students get bored when the teacher goes on writing on the board more than 5 lines.
  19. Portion: They gave the back portion of the house for rent.
  20. Portion: He got his share or portion of the property.
  21. Bath: We take bath daily in the bathroom.
  22. Dining hall: Don't start arguing in the dining hall.
  23. Dining hall: you will find more noise in the dining hall because the owners of the restaurant have written on the board "Dinning hall."
  24. Kitchen: Knives and forks and vessels are there in the kitchen.
  25. Kitchen: Life without a wife is like the kitchen without a knife.
  26. Oven: you can heat the dishes in the oven or make delicious biscuits.
  27. Plates: Wash and clean your plates before you start eating.
  28. Cup:There can be a slip between the cup and the lip.
  29. Cup: You can break a cup in the hotel and pay the cost.
  30. Cup: He won a cup in the relay race.
  31. Cup: I see a fly  in this cup of tea.What do you expect?An elephant or what?
  32. Spoon: A pinch of salt is enough to add the taste but a spoon of sugar is not enough to make the tea/coffee sweet.
  33. Spoon:There are three types of spoons.Small/mini spoons, tea-spoons and table spoons.
  35. Fork:You can use a fork and knife to eat the omelet but you cannot use a fork to have a South Indian meals.
  36. Knife: Knife you use for cutting and fork to pick up and eat.
  37. Fork: The street forked in the middle and there were two paths.
  38. Fire: Fire was the invention of the ancient man to cook the food.Some cruel people use fire to burn the huts of the poor people.Some poor people do not know how to use the fire.
  39. Fire: Some use the firing culture by using the guns.
  40. Fire: you can roast  and the taste is different. you can boil or bake and the taste is different.
  41. Firewood: People who live near the forest or inside the forest use firewood for making dishes.
  42. Firewood: Iddlis and dishes made by using firewood have a nice taste than on the gas.
  43. Coal: You can get coal from the mines.
  44. Coal: Coal is black in colour.
  45. Coal.How do we get coal? Find out.
  46. Court-yard. you can either play in the court-yard and grow plants.
  47. Almirah: you can keep your dresses in the almirah/bureau.
  48. Almirah: it can be made out of wood or iron.
  49. Room: How many rooms are there in your house?
  50. Room: Will you use a bathroom for sleeping or the bedroom for taking bath????

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