Thursday, June 12, 2014

Takshiny for you 3rd one

  1. Sunday. Sunday is a holiday.Every day cannot be  a Sunday.
  2. Monday.Monday is the first working day.
  3. Tuesday. People visit Muruga temple on Tuesday.
  4. Wednesday.This day we pray Lord Vishnu.
  5. Thursday.We visit Sai Baba  temple on Thursdays.
  6. Friday: Hindu ladies visit Devi(goddess) temple on this day.
  7. Saturday: You can visit Sabarimalaiappan( Sashtha) or Hanuman or Balaji temple on this day.
  8. Week.One week has seven days.
  9. Weak: you will feel weak if you do not eat proper food at proper time.
  10. East. The sun rises in the east. Can you give a valid reason why it seems to us that sun rises in the east?
  11. West. East or West India is best.
  12. North.We have Himalayas in the north.
  13. South: It is worth visiting Kanyakumari to watch the sunset and moon rise in the southern tip of India.
  14. Side: Can you tell where is Arabian Sea? in the east side or west side?
  15. Side: Don't go that side. They are repairing the road.
  16. Side: you should not put the same side goal.
  17. Right:It is your right to vote and express your opinion.
  18. Right: Many people write with right hands.
  19. Right: Turn right and go straight and you can reach that bank.
  20. Left: Who left the bag here?
  21. Left: The train left the station late.
  22. Left. On the left side of the Indian map  ,you can find the Arabian Sea and Mumbai.
  23. Left. Soldiers march repeating left,right,left,right.
  24. Above: Doing and thinking good of every one is above all things.
  25. Above:The sky is above and the earth is below and we are in between both.
  26. Behind: Behind every successful  man is a woman.
  27. Behind: Don't stand behind the desk. Come in front.
  28. In front: Hospital is in front of my house.
  29. In. What goes in one way must come out in another way.
  30. In. you can find mother always in the kitchen.
  31. Out:They tale the dog out for a walk   but they don't take the children to the ground or park to play.
  32. Out: Who goes there as an out-patient?
  33. Out: There is no let out for our anger at times.
  34. Out: Please go out and play cricket.
  35. Circle:Life is a cycle of births and deaths.

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