Saturday, June 14, 2014

Takshiny -4 u

  1. Mother: Mother is the greatest of all.
  2. Mother: No one cared or care for me as my mother.
  3. Mother: I am thankful to my mother for bringing me up and taking care of me.
  4. Father:Father is the provider for the family.
  5. Father: Birds of the same father and feather flock together.
  6. Maternal grand father:My mom's father is my MGF.
  7. Maternal grand  mother: My mom's mother is my MGM.
  8. Paternal grand father: My father's father is my MGF.
  9. Paternal grand mother: My father's mother is my PGM.
  10. Husband: I was an infant. I was a young girl of 18. I grew up to be a young woman. I was a bride. The bride groom and I, the bride got married. The bridegroom is now my Husband and I am his wife.
  11. Husband and wife: Husband and wife both are equally responsible  to run the family.
  12. Son: I gave birth to a son and a daughter.
  13. Daughter: Our daughter has more affection on us.
  14. Daughter: Our daughter concentrates more on studies and  brings good records.
  15. Son: Our Son is also very clever in his own way and he excels in sports and other activities.
  16. Male child: Male child becomes an elder brother or a young brother.
  17. Female child: Female child becomes an elder sister of younger sister.
  18. Uncle. My uncle is my father's brother or my mother's brother.
  19. Aunt: My aunt is the wife of my father's brother or my mother's sister.
  20. Father-in-law: My father is the father-in-law of my husband and his father is my father-in-law.
  21. Mother-in-law: My mother is my husband's mother-in-law and his mother is my Mother-in-law.
  22. Daughter-in-law: I am the daughter-in-law of my father-in-law and mother-in-law.
  23. Son-in-law: My husband is the son-in -law of my father and mother.
  24. Brother-in-law: My both the brothers are the brother-in-laws of my husband.
  25. Sister-in-law: My both sisters become sister-in-laws of my husband.
  26. Do you know???? Now how many brothers and sisters do I have????
  27. Cousin: My uncle's sons are my cousins
  28. Cousin:My uncle's daughters are my cousins.
  29. Nephew: My brother's son is my nephew.
  30. Niece: My brother's daughter is my niece
  31. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  32. Happiness: Happiness is your own creation.
  33. Anger: Anger makes us take wrong judgement and reaction.
  34. Laughter: Laughter is the best medicine.
  35. Weep: Laugh all the people will laugh with you and weep and you have to weep alone.
  36. Voice: High or low voice or medium voice is good depending upon the place.If you tell a secret it must be in a low voice and you have to shout if you are speaking to less hearing privileged person and  in the meetings in a medium voice.
  37. Sorrow: When someone is sad with sorrow don't ever smile or laugh  or tell is not ethical.
  38. Noise:This car makes more noise because it is old.
  39. Noise: This creates a pollution in the air.
  40. Disappointment: You will leave me in disappointment if you do not read and benefit from this.
  41. Love: Love all and hate none.
  42. Affection: Mother has a deep affection on her children
  43. Desire: My desire is to see you as a successful person.
  44. Friendship: Friendship  is the greatest and best ship to sail safely.
  45. Friend: A friend is sincere or not ,you can easily find out when you really need him/her very badly.
  46. Hatred: Hatred will spoil your health.Be careful.
  47. Pity: Have pity on the poor.If you can feed  him/her buy or make for him/her the dish  and offer and not the money.
  48. Smooth: You can have a smooth life if you do not create friction.
  49. Pleasure: It is a pleasure to watch young children playing and singing.
  50. Sorrow:Don't go on bragging about your sorrow.This will harm you more.
  51. Carelessness: Carelessness may lead you to a heavy loss.
  52. Fear: You can drive away the fear if you decide and determine to do it.
  53. Doubt: Doubts lead to misunderstanding and problems.
  54. Courage: Have courage to face the world.
  55. Speed: Reduce speed when you drive on the bridge  and follow the traffic signs on the roads carefully.
  56. Speed: Improve your speed in reading and understanding.

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