Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Takshiny this is for you

  1. Now. I will go just now to the traffic department.
  2. Today.Today I cannot come to the class.sorry.
  3. Tomorrow: I will surely come at 12 o'clock tomorrow.
  4. When:When will you get your licence?
  5. This:This is very nice.
  6. You: You have done a good job.
  7.  A little: You have to pay a little more attention.
  8. Name:What is his name?
  9. You:You all can learn all languages.
  10. House: Is your house in Gandhipuram?
  11. House: Where is your house?
  12. House: How big is your house?
  13. Day.Every day is a good day.
  14. Night: We all go to sleep at night.
  15. Along with: Who came there along with you?
  16. Word: Learn 5 words a day with meanings and using in sentences of your own.
  17. Cow: The cow gives milk.
  18. Mango: Which man goes to buy mangoes? You can find the man and the go words in this sentence.
  19. Work:When will you finish your work?
  20. Manure: If you put manure the coconut trees will bear big and nice and more fruits.
  21. Fly: Do you know how to fly a kite?
  22. Fly: The fly can fly but it cannot fly like the eagle.
  23. Write: Try to write ten sentences everyday.
  24. One: One and one make two. You too can try to make this.
  25. Join: You can also join the computer class.
  26. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  27. Tea: I drink tea in the afternoon.What do you drink?
  28. Victory: Hon.P.M.,his victory came only after a hard work.
  29. Oil: Please put break oil in your car.
  30. Himself: He himself went to all the places.
  31. Man. Every man has his own opinions.
  32. Cloth: You can use a rough cloth to open the lid.
  33. Boy: Boys are more playful than girls.
  34. Rupee: There are two sides to a rupee coin.
  35. How many: How many heads did Ravana have?
  36. Thin: Muslin is a thin cloth.
  37. Thin.You can make a thin paper thick if you fix two or three papers together.
  38. Gift: If someone gives you a gift,do not ask its price.
  39. Article: Leave your articles near the door before you enter.
  40. Shirt: This is loose shirt. You may lose the change.
  41. Sister:Do you have a sister?
  42. Dream: All dreams do not materialise.
  43. Servant: Why do you employ a servant?
  44. Salt:Very soon Amma salt will be sold in the market.
  45. Pen: How many good pens do you have?
  46. Food: Food supplied in some restaurants is not that good.
  47. Cause: The cause of the missing students in Biyas river is negligence.
  48. Paper: Paper is white so also sugar.
  49. Silk: Silk is soft.
  50. Letter.A is a letter. Can you write an interesting letter?
  51. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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