Thursday, December 4, 2014

100 lashes

  1. There was one greedy door keeper.
  2. He used to allow everyone into the palace,
  3. He wanted them to give him half of what they received from the king.
  4. Every one agreed and gave him.
  5. A clever and wise man wanted to teach him a lesson.
  6. He also went to the palace.
  7. The king gave him 100 gold coins.
  8. The wise man asked the king to give him 100 lashes instead.
  9. The king told the minister to give him what he wanted.
  10. When the 50 lashes were given, the wise man asked them to stop.
  11. Then they called the door -keeper and gave him 50 lashes.
  12. They came to know his insincerity.
  13. They sent him away and they gave the wise man 150 gold coins.
  14. Know now "" Insincerity does not always bring rewards."

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