Thursday, December 4, 2014

who is stronger????

  1. A dispute and a quarrel began between the Sun and the Wind.
  2. The Sun told he was stronger.
  3. The Wind told he was stronger.
  4. They wanted to test that.
  5. A traveler  with  cloak was walking on the road.
  6. The wind blew very hard .He caught his cloak very tightly and went on walking.
  7. Sometime later, the Sun started shining bright and it was very warm and the man removed his cloak and walked.
  8. So they decided that The Sun  is stronger than the wind.
  9. Man needs both of them.Each one  is important in its own way.
  10. He told the Sun and the Wind ,you too are important for us.
  11. "Why do you try to show off yourself? "
  12. Both the Sun and the wind were happy to hear that.

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