Friday, December 5, 2014

good behaviour

Treat everyone nicely.

  • Once there was a nice elephant in a town.
  • It used to pass by a tailor's shop.
  • The tailor was very happy in giving the elephant a banana and the elephant was also happy in receiving it.
  • One day the tailor had no banana.He played a trick and pricked the trunk of the elephant with a needle.
  • The elephant felt the pain and was sad.
  • It wanted to take a revenge on him.
  • When he returned from the river,after his usual bath,brought with him  in his trunk ,the dirty water.
  • He splashed the dirty water on the tailor and on all the clothes.
  • The tailor was then very unhappy.
  • He learnt the lesson" Do as you would be done by."
  • "Never ever play dirty tricks on any one even for play's sake."
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