Friday, December 5, 2014

Try try Robert Bruce

  • Who was Robert Bruce? He was the king of Scotland.
  • What happened to him?His enemy attacked him and seized the throne.
  • What did he do? He ran away from his country and went to the forest.
  • Where did he hide himself? in a cave.
  • What happened there? A spider was building its web.
  • It fell down more than 18 times.
  • Was the spider able to build its cob-web at last? yes.
  • What made Robert Bruce to think?The spider's trials and attempts and success.
  • What did he do then? He collected all his sincere friends and a large army.
  • Did he succeed? yes .
  • Did he get back his throne? yes
  • What did he become again?The victorious king.
  • So try,try,try again ,again and again till you GAIN."
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