Thursday, December 4, 2014

Help Yourself in 12 lines

  1. Who lived in a village? a farmer
  2. Where did he go one day with  his cart and why?
  3. He went to the nearest town to sell his  grains.
  4. What happened on the way? His cart got stuck in the mud.
  5. Were the oxen able to pull out the cart? no
  6. Did the passers by help him? No.
  7. Who passed by that side? Hercules
  8. What did he tell the farmer? to get down and give a shoulder to the wheel.
  9. Did the farmer do that? yes.He did.
  10. Then what happened? the cart moved.
  11. What did the farmer do?He thanked Hercules.
  12. What did Hercules tell the farmer?"God helps those who help themselves".

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