Monday, September 24, 2012

Hindi is easy

Taj mahal kahan hai?
 where is Taj Mahal?
kya thum thairnaa jaanthe ho?
Do you know swimming?
Is kithaab ka dhaam kithneh rupyeh hein?
How  many rupees for this book?
What is the price of this book?
Thumhare Bhai kithneh bajeh  dafthar jaathey hein?
When does  your brother go to office?  does-go   = goes
wahan kown  aadmi jaa raha hai?
which man is going there?
App liske bareh meyn pooch rahen hein?
About whom are you enquiring?
thumhari bahen kub vapas ayehghi?
When will sister come back? or return?
way loak apus  meyn kyoon jagadthe hein?
Why those people are fighting among themselves?
uska doshth kaisa aadmi hai?
how is his friend?
myn akeleh yeh kaam kaiseh kar saktha hoon?
How can I do this work alone?

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