Monday, September 24, 2012

Myn jaathaa hoon. I go. 
  Hum jaathey hein. we go
thoo jaahtha hai. you go  thoo jaathee hai
 thum jaathe ho you go.  thum jaathee ho.
Aap jaatheh hein. you go (plural) you go( respect)

wo jaathaaa hai. he goes.
 wo jaathee hai. she goes
Wo kuththa jaathaa hai. the dog goes.
 way jaathey hein. they go. 
myn hoon I am
 hum hein we are,
 thoo hai you are
 thum ho  you are,
 aap hein you are
 wo hai he is wo hai she is wo hai it is
 way hein they are.
jaanaa to go . aanaa to come, peena to drink, hasna to laugh
rona to weep or cry, padna to read seekna to learn ghanaa to sing
khaana to eat,
try to do these by yourself following the above example.

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