Monday, September 24, 2012

Hindi is easy for you

Myn aathaa hoon  naan varugiren
Hum aathey hein naanga varugirome.
thoo aatha hai. nee varugirai thoo aathee hai(F)
thum aathey ho  nee vaurgirai thum aathee ho(F)
wo .wo. wo aathaa /aatheee hai  avan varugiraan, aval varugiral adhu varugiradhu.
way aathey hein avargal varugirrargal
avaigal varuginrana.
yea this wo that yeh sub all these wo sub all those,
myn ladka shyam hoon I am the boy Shyam
Myn ladkee Radha hoon, I am the girl Radha.
thoo ek ladka hai you are a boy.
thoo ek ladkee hai. you are a girl.
aap ek master/adhyapak hein, you are the master./teacher.
wo ek ladka hai, he is a boy, wo ek ladki hai she is a girl.
wo ek kuththa hai it is a dog, wo ek kuththee hai it is a bitch
way gaayeh hein. they are cows.
yeh pade hein. these are trees.
hum ladkiyaan hein we are girls, hum ladke hein, we are boys.
Myn roaj(daily) school jaatha/jathee hoon. I go school everyday/daily.
myn ghaana sunthaa hoon/sunthee hoon. I hear/listen to the song.
thum hameshs suh bolo. you speak always the truth
Joot muth bolo. Don't tell lies.
yahan aawo come here. wahan muth jaawo don't go there
jaldi(quickly, urgently, soon, at once,) karo  do it quickly. do it at once. Yak pyala  dhoodh laawo, pyaala cup dhoodh milk
bring one cup of milk.aap aayyeeyeh you sir come. yahan byteeyeh please sit here. yeh kaam keejiyeh do this work.
coffee muth peejiyeh. Dpn't drink coffee.
achcha good  achcha ladka good boy  achchee  ladkigood  girl/bada bhai elder brother  chota bhai younger brother
badi bahen elder sister, choti bahen younger sister,garam dhoodh hot milk tanda paani cold water.

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