Monday, September 24, 2012

hindi is easy

sunnaa to hear, dekhna to see   jaana to go, karna to do, khaana to eat, peena to drink, laana to bring   rakhna to keep rahnaa to live,To reside, to stay, khelna to play, sona to sleep,bolna to speak, dowdnaa to run, dhena to give, seekhna to learn, taharna to stay ,to wait, banana to prepare, to make,bechna to sell bejnaa to send
kharidthna to buy, yaadh karna to remember,likhna to write,bulaana to call,pasand karna  to like, chahnaa to wish to want,pyaar karna to love, to like,barasna to rain,udna to fly utna to sit kada hona to stand, late jaana to lie down, rawaana hona to depart pahunchnaa to arrive, nikalnaa to leave, to depart, to take out,jaagna to wake up
jaanna to know, maloom hona to understand,guntee bajana to ring the bell, bahnaa to flow,sakhna can, to be able.
pahanna to wear, to put on,soar machana to shout, sawaal karna to question, ask poochna to ask jawaab dhena to reply, to answer,
dhona to wash,chalna to move, vaapus aana to return, to come back,jagadna to fight, to quarrel, nahnaa to take bathm chamakna to twinkle, milna to meet, milna to be available,sochna to think,
chadna to climb,bhool jaana to forget,saasun karna to rule jeethnaa to win, haarna to lose,ladna to fight,snaan karna to take bath,naaraaz hona to get angry, shaanth hona to become peaceful, calm,baagh jaana to run away,maarna to beat, marna to die jeenaa to live,thairnaa to swim, tahalna to take a walk,

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