Monday, September 24, 2012

Hindi is easy 2

Myn Raam hoon. I am Raam. Myn Seetha hoon. I am Sita.
Myn ek ladka hoon. I am a boy Myn ek ladki hoon. I am a girl.
Hum ladke hein.  we are boys. Hum ladkiyaan hein. we are girls.
Thoo Raghu ek ladka hai. you Raghu you are a boy.
Thoo Uma ek ladki hai. you Uma you are a girl
Thum Raghu ek ladka ho. You Raghu you are a boy.
Thum uma ek ladki ho. You Uma you are a girl.
Aap Raam hein.. You are Raam.
Aap ek Raaja hein. You are a king.
Aap Sita hein. You are Sita
Aap ek Raani hein. You are a queen.
Aap sub idher aayeeyeh. All of you come here.
Wo ek ladka hai. he is a boy Wo ek ladki hai. she is a girl
Wo ek kuththa hai. it is a dog. Way ladke hein. they are boys.
way ladkiyaan hein. they are girls. 
Way kitabheh hein. they are books.
Myn I  hum we. hoon am hein are thoo.thum you, aap plural and with respect wo/wo/wo he she it   way they.

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